Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Photos I Won't Send

August 18, 2014

Ok, usually the internet place we go to has shocky computers, but this one today is like electric chair shock, so I will not send any photos this week.  Instead, I will just explain:

We are finally putting into practice the free caricature stand.  As it turns out, it makes mornings very effective, perhaps the most effective time of day.  That's weird to say, because many missionaries would rather only proselyte after lunch because people are usually cooking in the morning.  Well, caricatures are definitely more fun.  We did it twice this week in the market.  In fact, we had a pretty spiritual experience with a pineapple vendor named Noe.  My companion lost his planner with Noe's phone number (we are too much alike in that sense), so we hope we can find him this week.

We also found one more family this week.  We met one of them, a less-active member named Karina, on Sunday.  On Thursday, for when we set the appointment, a lot of people showed up.  One of them is Karina's husband Alex.  After having explained everything, we were answering questions, but we noticed that Alex was completely absorbed in the Book of Mormon we had left him.  After leaving the house, Hermano Rojas (it's nice to have a retired member who teaches seminary to accompany you sometimes) said, "Well, he's going to be a member.  It's just a matter of when."  We agree.

It's hard to think that it has to end.  But I guess that's the way it is.  I finally understand old people, I think. But I need to apply everything when I get back.  It's my greatest fear to come back, not having figured it out. I've seen it among returned missionaries we've tried to activate.  I'm so grateful for this time, even though it's short.

Love you all!

Elder Johnson

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