Monday, September 15, 2014

Blast You, Computer Literacy Class!

August 25, 2014

Well, this week was pretty crazy.  I guess I'll start with where I am right now.  I'm not exactly in my area right now.  As of tomorrow, I will be one of the mission secretaries.  So, I am in charge of the numbers of the mission, which just means that Sunday nights feel like studying for a Computer Literacy final.  My other job is to receive phone calls from the zone leaders when I send letters to the wrong Elder Smith.  It's really a piece of cake.  My new companion will be Elder Feller, an Argentine who is the health secretary. His job is to listen to the various symptoms of the missionaries and then always always just recommend Pepto Bismol.  This is really nice, because we will really be the companionship that gets to proselyte more.  Ha! I'm actually feeling pretty good about being here.  We'll have success here.

I felt a little sad for leaving my area, because this week we had just taught a couple that had gotten married the week before.  The husband, Freddy, has read the Book of Mormon 3 times, but couldn't get baptized where he lived before because he wasn't married to the lady he was with.  But, I'm glad 200 Millas [the name of the area] has something nice to work with.

Ok, Thursday!  I totally went to the temple with Davi!  That was so great.  I was nervous while waiting in the airport, so I ended up buying Dunkin Donuts AND McDonalds for breakfast.  (It was great that my last area was so close to the airport.)  Well, I think that Davi has told you all everything, so I will just say that it was great.  No, it did not make me trunky, or tronqui, as missionaries say here.  It was really the opposite. Being there at the temple was really what I needed to get me to know what I need to end my mission well.

I love you all!  Make good choices, Davi!

Elder Johnson

P.S. Yeah, these are the most recent photos.  The first is my companion, Elder Feller.  The other two photos were from last night, because we always eat in the offices as our reward for making it through the numbers on Sunday night.  Yesterday was completos with lemonade.

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