Friday, December 5, 2014

Happy Turkey Day... or Chicken and Rice Day

December 1, 2014

Sorry if what I write this week isn't exactly literary genius.  I'm pretty tired from doing the numbers last night and passing out on the office’s couch.  Good times.

Ok, Thanksgiving actually was Thanksgiving here.  I won't lie, it was pretty nice.  The Archibalds invited the offices over for thanksgiving dinner, and it was almost as good as your cooking, Mom!  The gringos just wanted to cry when we had real mashed potatoes and everything.  We had completely forgotten.  It was kind of funny, because Elder Fierro’s dad used to be mission president in the Lima South mission, so when we went to President’s house in San Isidro, Elder Fierro said, "Hey, I lived two floors up from this." Weird.  And San Isidro is pretty close by our mission, but it is a different world than our part of Lima.  It doesn't even seem like the same city.  Maybe I'll send pictures one of these days...

The week went pretty well.  We honestly didn't get as much time for proselyting as we would have liked, but that's pretty normal because Elder Fierro was just getting used to his job in the offices.  On the upside, though, I have figured out how to do baptismal records!  I think that this is my punishment for not having done a lot with indexing before my mission, because there are some missionaries that write worse than any census scribe from 1910.  I mean, wow.  Another exciting thing (depending on what you all consider exciting, because I think it is) is that the Excels I made are now officially being used for a new key indicator for the mission to track the progress of less actives and new converts! I know, exciting, right?

Anyway, our area.  I mentioned in a few letters about a man named Johnny who is a friend of one of the stake’s counselors and who we dropped last week.  It seems like our meeting this man by our tracting efforts has really been able to motivate President Rojas.  We have met several referrals of his since then that we are going to teach this week.

Last Sunday, I felt this strange desire to call all of the contacts on my phone (many of whom were just there before and I didn’t know) and in the end, we were finally able to contact and later teach Ricardo, a contact we had a long time ago who happens to be the only Peruvian I’ve met with a sunflower seed addiction.  I think he will come this next Sunday.

One of our best contacts this week is named Bill.  He teaches English here, is from New Jersey, married a Peruvian lady, and moved here a couple of years ago.  His Spanish is terrible.  It was great, because not only did we get their info, but Bill also gave me a news update that you all never give me.  [What?!]  He's also a big MoTab fan.

The "He is the Gift" campaign is something that the missionary department is taking very seriously.  It's been right up there in effectiveness as free balloons.  It's the perfect time of year to share the gospel, because it seems like everyone is looking for something more this time of year that they never seem to find.  So go out and help them find it!  Go to

Love you all!
Elder Johnson

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