Monday, November 24, 2014

Just Getting the Next Step

Well, I think I mentioned this last week, but we had transfers.  Elder Feller got transferred to, if anyone cares, the Trebol stake.  I know, THE Trebol stake.  I am now with Elder Fierro, who was in Huaraz as his last area.  Huaraz is the place that every missionary wants to go to sometime in their mission, because it's beautiful.  Then when they get to Lima, they remember that the city has about the same amount of plant life as Elko does.  I, for one, would take Lima any day.  Anyway, Elder Fierro.  He's from Ecuador, but has lived in Southern Lima with his family since he was about 12 because his father was called as mission president of the Lima South mission at that time.  He has 18 months in the mission and speaks about perfect English.  It's fun being with him because we have been good mission buddies for a long time and now we are finally comps.

I saw something very interesting this week.  It was a training meeting in the area about how a ward council should work.  The great part was that 2 of the 3 examples were from our mission!  There was even a split second where I saw the little retention sheet I had made, and I just wanted to say, "That's what I'm talking about!"  No big deal.

Well, I will just say that Elder Fierro had a bad week to become health secretary.  Just a busy week for him to start and figure everything out, so we had a lot of time in the offices, but I think that everything is calming down a bit.  But, we did have the opportunity to teach the Quiñones family again.  That's the family of the lady whose daughter died.  I'll give a low-down of what we plan on doing this week with them.  The Quiñones have two kids, Dante, who is 10, and Danna, who is 5.  They seriously love us.  And Dante is actually pretty impressive.  He has been the one to push his family to read the Book of Mormon on a regular basis.  It's hard to get a lot of opportunities to teach because of their schedules, but they are great.  Here's the real difficulty for the family: Dante is in a soccer tournament amongst the best teams in Lima, because his team recently won on the district level.  Bad thing?  They only play basically on Sundays.  I don't know if anyone has ever had the Sabbath day object lesson with ice cream, hot dogs, and the toppings you can put on it, but that's what we'll do this week.  We're going to do it tomorrow, kind of a do-or-die lesson.

We also had a do-or-die lesson with Johnny Morales.  It ended up being a die.  In short terms, I was not called to answer questions, but to help sincere people find salvation.  Finding answers to those questions requires a sacrifice on one's part, certain steps to take, or the answers will never be found.  It's a lot more meaningful to find out that way.  I imagine sometimes that little Dante will be able to say in the future to his kids how important it was for him to give up something he liked for something he needed.  Those are the kind of people we are still looking for.  It's a lot of fun looking for them.

I'm glad you're all doing well!  Love you all!

Elder Johnson

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