Monday, March 10, 2014

Dalton - Funeral Marches... Who Knew, Right?

March 10, 2014

Funeral Marches… Who Knew, Right?

Ok, so I did use some new finding techniques this week.  Let's just say that some finding techniques are better than others.  Some ideas that I want to try again:  Walk in funeral marches with Plan of Salvation pamphlets.  It was actually a lot more natural than I thought it would be.  Anyone can join the march at any time without it being out of the ordinary.  Another one:  Going to the library to give away our free books.  I mean, that time, only the librarians were there, but we do have an appointment on Wednesday to answer questions there.  On the other hand, the idea to get my shoes shined just to talk to the guy didn't work too well, and the gym wasn't open the day we tried to leave free health (Word of Wisdom) pamphlets.  Thanks for the new ideas!  I'm excited to put them into practice this week.

I spoke in a funeral this week of one of our investigators.  He was in the process of trying to get married before I got here, but he found out, right before I came into the area, that he was in the later stages of cancer.  It was a little overwhelming, because I didn't really know him that well, but it made me realize how little the world has to offer in terms of comfort.  Afterwards, others were given the chance to speak, and one man said that "Juan will live forever in our memories."  What a poetic lie.  I want everyone to know that I know that there is literal life after death, that God is a real person rather than some abstract idea to think about when it suits our needs.  Families can truly be together forever.  The truth is beautiful.

Love to you all--

Elder Johnson

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