Monday, March 10, 2014

Davi - Dreams Really Do Come True

March 10, 2014

Dreams Really Do Come True

I don’t know if I have told you much about my comp, Hermana Ramos.  She is terrific.  A little fireball. She doesn’t like to eat, but we’re working on that.  We like being together here :)

We found a new investigator yesterday.  He had a bunch of honest questions—the kind that like get down to business.  He likes to read, he has daughters who also like to read, he has a curly 80s mullet, and he makes chifles  [Davi’s favorite thing: deep-fried sliced plantain]  for a living.  Dreams really do come true, right?

We had a lesson with Guisselle and her two kids this week, where they really just bore their testimonies. They were like, “I really believe this.”  It was so cool.  They are hungry for more and more, wanting to know anything and everything.  AND, the sister of Guisselle (mama de Fernando) has read all of Alma of her own free will.  And yesterday, she let Fernando come to church, and signed him up for seminary.  And she has committed to coming to the baptism.  Oh, it is so sweet!  It has been a while since this branch has had a baptism, so everyone is super excited!  Branch council was ALL about how they were going to make this baptism the bomb.  They planned like three musical numbers.  Isn’t Talara the cutest?  I love this place!

Anyway, things are really great.  But every time I read Dalton’s emails, I realize I don’t get it, and wish I was him. Isn’t he the coolest?

I’m feeling really grateful for my family this week.  I love you guys.  Seriously, you are the best.

Please keep praying for my people. I am praying for you!  The Church is super true!


Hermana J

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