Wednesday, November 19, 2014

It’s That Time of Transfer Again

November 17, 2014

Well, I will say that it's a little weird to write you all right after seeing all of the transfers.  Unless President Archibald is playing another practical joke on the offices again (I don't think so, because that would be three transfers straight), Elder Feller is leaving the offices.  I was really bummed to see it, because we had all gotten to the point to where we assumed that he would just stay there forever.  But whatever.  The Trebol zone needs him badly.  Also, the other good news is that my new companion is going to be great, Elder Fierro.  He's from Surco, the southern part of Lima, and he speaks even better English than Elder Feller.  So, we're going to have a good time here still.

On another note, I can't believe I forgot to tell you all last week.  I just passed one of the most embarrassing moments of my life about a week and a half ago.  One night I had to go to the offices to do the mission newsletter.  It was about ten o’clock, and one of the missionaries, Elder Aldana, left out the front door to go to the room on the second floor.  About 10 minutes later, I heard someone fiddling with his keys just outside the door, and I thought "wow, I'm gonna get Elder Aldana good."  I hid behind the door to scare him the way Spencer always scared me, and I ended up doing a pretty good scare.  The only problem was that it wasn't Elder Aldana at the door.  It was President Archibald.  Elder Feller said that it was probably the funniest thing he has ever seen on his mission.  I gave an awkward apology a while later, but he just laughed and said, "Don't worry about it.  I have ten kids."

Anyway, this week was very interesting.  Elder Feller and I have been finding more than ever this transfer, but we hadn't had a single person come to church.  We fasted for a miracle on Saturday, and it came.  On Friday, we gave a balloon animal to a little girl named Faviola (don't worry, she was with her parents).  We invited them to accompany us to church, and they accepted.  The surprise was that they were actually waiting for us Sunday morning to come with us.  We finally had a whole family come to church with us!  The great part was seeing the members come up to greet them.  They were so excited to see a new family.  The ward just needs to see a few more new faces of families and then they will be able to understand missionary work.  Bringing single people honestly doesn’t give the same effect.

There are a few other families that I think can do that trick.  This week, we were passing by an investigator’s house who kind of seemed to be avoiding us, and instead we talked to her sister’s family.  In the end, they accepted the invitation to do a 20-minute Family Home Evening right then and there.  It was honestly one of the sweetest things in the whole world.  We just have this classic FHE plan, and it was great.  We shared the scripture about praying with your families, and they admitted that in their ten years of marriage, they had never done a full family prayer before.  So they had their first one at the end.  Then we played telephone and another quick game (I thought the little girl was going to die laughing), and then the mom admitted that she didn’t remember having played a game as a family before.  Then we said "Well, now you will every week, right?" Before leaving, all four of them asked when we can come back.  I think they will come next week.  It's just the strangest thing in the world, because some of the most spiritual experiences I have felt is while teaching a family how to do a dumb game together.  You can just feel how the Lord feels towards those families.

Alfonso has a family that we want to attend church this week, and there was this great contact of a Cuban guy yesterday.  They all show real potential to progress, along with the family that came to church on Sunday, the Palominos.  The real struggle is getting people to church, but I think this is the week.  It will be stake conference, and a Seventy is coming to talk, so it will be the perfect opportunity.  I just need you to pray for them to come to church.  If they can come to church, they can get it all done. I really think that this is the week.

Sorry for boring you, but it's amazing how it just occupies my mind 24/7.  It's hard to be trunky when there are just great people here to be thinking about.  I love this so much.  I just know that there are whole families that want to make this covenant before I go home, and it’s like I've been learning my whole mission for these last few months. 

Loving life.  This week's going to be great. 
Thanks for always praying for me—I can always feel it. 
Love you all!
Elder Johnson

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