Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Difference Between “is” and “was”

November 10, 2014

This week was just a good time.  I think that's how I started last email, but whatever.  It's true.  And sorry about writing late.  There was a short power outage in Los Olivos, so we couldn't write in the morning.
I'll just mention a couple of the best people we found last week.  First, we started tracting again in Covida, the richer part of our area.  Elder Feller said that we should tract the Chimbote street, because we both have met nice missionaries from that city.  Can't argue with that logic, so we went.  A lot of pretty bad rejections, but towards the end of the street, the man came out and said, even before we asked if we could come by "hey, tell you what. Come by on Friday at 7:30, because the whole family will be there.  We have kind of been looking for a church."  Elder Feller had some good logic.  The husband and wife are Johnny and Rubi Morales.  Johnny always had a question about the fall of Adam, so that was the first time ever I left 2 Nephi 2 as their first commitment.  Rubi, as it turns out, is a member who got baptized when she was 12 but really has never gone as an adult.  They have two kids.  They are seriously a beautiful family.  So yeah, pray for the Morales family.

Next is Erica and her family.  We met her when we passed by Alfredo's house.  Alfredo is an old guy that we contacted the same day as Johnny.  We passed by the house, not even to visit him, when we saw him at his door talking to Erica.  She stopped us when she said, "hey, I was just asking about you two!  Two of you gave me a blessing when I was in my friend’s house in southern Lima, and I was trying since then to find missionaries where I live, but Fredito (Alfredo) said he already knows you.  When can you visit me?"  It turns out that her daughter had died a month before in a car accident.  When we talked with her a few days later, she really enjoyed the lesson.  I heard her say a few times when we were all talking, saying the phrase, "she was my daughter."  I told her "I will give you a suggestion.  You will be tempted to say 'she was my daughter.'  Don't do that.  Say 'she is my daughter.'  We just want to explain why today."  We have a lesson with all of her family tonight (siblings and their families).  It was a great experience.

On a lighter note, we have another FHE with a member family tonight.  We said that we would just invite personally some of their neighbors too.  In the end, we invited the whole block, like 40 families.  We then passed by the member's house to confirm the appointment, when the question came out.  He said, "Well, how many people are coming?  You didn't invite the whole block, did you?"  And then he laughed, and Elder Feller and I kind of looked at each other and gave an awkward smile.  I just didn't know what to say.  We'll see how many people will actually come.  But it was pretty funny.

Anyway, please pray for them.  They are so great.  Love you all!

Elder Johnson

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