Friday, January 2, 2015

Merry Christmas, You Filthy Animals!

December 29, 2014

Well, I was a little disappointed that you all had to see me in my gordo form.  Blast you, Papa John’s!  But Grant, Ami, and Corbin, you have grown a lot!  Not in the way I have grown, but still!

Christmas was a great time this year.  We found some people that let us come in on Christmas day, after the Skype session, that let us in because we said we had a Christmas gift for them (Book of Mormon) and that we just want to explain what it is before we leave it.  It was honestly a great holiday time.
Christmas Eve, however, at night, is like a war zone.  But it's beautiful.  It is, without exaggeration, millions of people in one city that save up money so that they can blow off professional fireworks off their roof all at once.  I personally like the tradition.

Ok, on news of the transfers, and remember that this is a privilege to know this a day beforehand...  I’m leaving the offices!  WOOHOO!  Ok, I'll be honest, I was really wanting to leave for my last transfer, not because I don't like the offices, but I didn’t feel like I was in 100% control of my area, and that just drove me crazy sometimes, if I can be perfectly honest.  There, I said it, ok!  The nice thing about being in the office is that I was always with a great companion that always thought the same way.  Easily the best part.

This is what's happening:  I’m going to Miramar, which is a ward in Ancon, which is the district on the very north tip of Lima.  It’s a very humble place that actually has a very strong ward.  In fact, the area presidency gave a transmission a few months ago on how to do a good ward council meeting, and Miramar was one of the wards that was used as an example in the training.  It's also a huge ward, which is part of the reason why the mission is opening up a fourth area in that ward this transfer.  I will be with Elder Harrop, a gringo that came in this last transfer and will finish his training with me.  Also, I could very easily lose 20 pounds in one transfer in the summer in Ancon.  I am so excited to go there for my last transfer, I can't even explain it.  The only thing I worry about now is if President is playing another joke on us, which he did to the office two times in a row when we had transfers.  He came in the office this morning, and said, "So, Elder Johnson, you want to know where you're really going?"  I told him that I won't fall for his mind tricks and that I'm excited to go to Miramar.  But, really, he is good with doing those mind tricks, so I'm still wondering.

Anyway, we already talked.  I'm all out of juice, so I just want to say that I love all of you!

Elder Johnson


...and a happy new yeah!

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