Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Diet Starts Tomorrow

January 12, 2015

That’s what I keep saying to my companion and to the whole district.  On the first day of the transfer, I was set on doing a diet.  But that’s not happening any time soon. 

This week was great.  Crazy, but great.  Victor and Cassandra are doing great.  They will have all their paperwork ready this week to get married at the end of the month.  Victor also used to have a real drinking problem, and now he says that he really doesn’t feel any desires for it anymore.  They are really just great, and they will be the second member family in Campamento, which is a little neighborhood in our area.  It will be fun to see how the work grows in Campamento in the future.

We taught our first active Buddhists this week.  We talked to this family outside and they let us in.  The husband’s name is Nelson.  He said that he always went to church activities as a kid, and, as strange as this might sound in Peru, he said, "I would probably be a Mormon if I wasn’t a Buddhist."  I bet Davi never got to hear that on her mission.  I thought I never would.  We’ll see how he goes.

I'll just talk how I’m thinking right now.  We are banking on these people to get baptized this transfer:  The Castilla family, Victor and Cassandra (they're good), Esmeralda, Amanda, and Margarita Mendoza’s son.  Please pray for them.  Please pray for us to also find another family to baptize on the 7th of February. Don’t worry, I’m not trunky yet.  I can get trunky on the 8th.  I just don’t know how to think yet.  The work is a lot of fun, and we honestly run from appointment to appointment sometimes, but I just really want to take advantage of the time I have.  Don’t worry, Elder Harrop and I will.  He’s a good boy.

Love you all!  Make good choices!  Have fun in school again!

Elder Johnson

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