Monday, January 26, 2015

Sorry, not a lot of time (for the email, I mean)

Sorry for not doing that great of an email today.  This day is just a little crazy.  I'll explain.  Victor and Cassandra need to turn in their wedding papers today so that they can get married on the 7th.  I don’t really know what is needed in the states, but this is kind of a difficult process.  You know how I usually walk around in circles when I don’t know what I’m doing?  That’s me today.  I’m going to leave here, eat lunch, and turn in the papers with Victor (and with my companion, I guess). Finally!  Aside from the papers, they are ready for the 7th.

Guido Castilla was the guy who came last week that everyone thought was a member.  Since then, he has read until Mosiah in the Book of Mormon and understands everything.  He is ready and happy to get baptized.  Unfortunately, his wife didn’t come to church yesterday.  I hate to admit it, but I didn’t know what to do.  I wanted him to keep with his baptismal date so I could see him in white before I leave, but his family isn’t ready.  When we taught them last night, the impression was clear: I invited them for the 14th, which they all said they would do if they felt like it was true before then, which was something that I didn’t think they would all accept.  I really am grateful that the Lord prepared everything in that house that day, because the oldest daughter was visiting by surprise that day, and she just so happened to almost get baptized years ago in Comas.  She just made everything perfect in the lesson.  I am happy that the family can really do this together, even though I won’t see it in person.

We also taught another person for the first time this week who admitted that she doesn’t want to be alive anymore.  It was a privilege to be able to teach her right when she needed it.  It’s incredible how simple the means are for being the answer to prayer sometimes:  just say hi to the person on your side.

Love you all!
Elder Johnson

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