Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Davi - 4/10/13 email

Hello, how amazing was that?

Oh you dear sweet people whom I love so much (proper usage of whom, eh?  impressed?): You are the best!   We were having a conversation about our moms, and I just felt so overwhelmingly lucky for mine.  Hoorah for all the good moms out there!

Please thank Uncle Len for raising his child Chase however he did.  Chase sent me the sweetest letter ever.  And then Rachel made me a bunch of hairbows and sent me hair tutorials.  How did I get the best cousins ever?  

I need to send a letter to the temple one of these days.  I LOVE them.  And I miss it.  The temple is still my favorite place, no matter where I go.  
Um, conference.  Hello, how amazing was that?  I gotta say, Elder Holland.  What he was saying about not losing the ground you already have and about leading with belief.  He has such a way of making us see a way to improve, but making us feel like we can do it.  Just because Heavenly Father is showing us room to improve, doesn't mean you haven't already come far.  He loves you so much.  That I know.  Anyway who is reading this and hasn't heard the talk, please watch it.  Fifteen minutes of your life.  Mom, please insert a link here.  [Wow--I'm starting to be a super high-tech mom!] 

Get this: last night, one of the Elders in our district got called in to the travel office.  And he left this morning!!  He got his visa, and is being shipped off to the Lima MTC.  What in the world.  There's only 7 of us now, making us easily the smallest district in our zone.  But like, totes still the best.  I seriously LOVE my district.  But anyway, now you know, that at any moment I could just be off!  But I will probably get reassigned.  We are all hoping we go together, preferably southern.  We will know a week from tomorrow!

Vocal Point came and did the devotional on Sunday.  It was out of this world incredible.  You can send me a CD of them if you want.  The whole place was in a tizzy, Elders and Hermanas alike. 

I love being a missionary.  So MUCH!  The MTC is such a neat place.  One of the things it does to you though is make you even more excited to get out there.  I am out of my mind excited to go.  I have been here a month, and I only have 17 left.  Can someone look into how to extend?  Please and thank you.  

I just feel like the most "me" I ever have, and I know that will only get more and more in the field.  Heavenly Father is the very best and I love Him so dearly.  

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is truly the happiest thing ever!

Love you!
Hermana Johnson

 Davi and her district in front of the Provo Temple.
Davi and her cousin, Sean Dalton, were in the MTC together.  Sean is now serving in the Lyon, France mission.

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