Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dalton - 4/15/13 email

The Campo [aka The Field]  (4/15/13)

Hey family!  It’s official, I suppose.  It’s a little bit strange having the transition into the mission field, because by the time you leave the MTC, you feel about as wise, if not wiser, than Albus Dumbledore. Your first week in the field helps a new missionary realize how much of a drooly toddler he really is.  I love it.

My trainer is Elder Myers.  He’s been out for 16 months and is from Arkansas.  He’s a good boy.  I’ve been learning a lot from him as well as other companions that I’ve gone on exchanges with, since Elder Myers is the district leader.  Actually, most of the newbies in our mission have been paired with district leaders.  I think it’s a fantastic idea.

I’m actually not too overwhelmed with Spanish.  I can see my improvement every day with the language. Occasionally, people speak in Spanish until they specifically ask me a question, which questions are asked in Mandarin Chinese, I presume.  Those occasions are declining rapidly, however, and I truly believe in the gift of tongues.  It’s also a little weird seeing little kids speak Spanish, because there is always a part of me that thinks they learned it all from Dora the Explorer.

This is a great area.  There’s a lot of walking, in part because we actually have two areas.  The people here are so kind, and I have found that they usually find interest in what the missionaries have to teach.  I can’t teach like an old pro, but I can teach, and that will do for me.

I love you all so much.  I wish I had brought some pictures with me.  Also, yeah.  You can let people know about the new rule.  [Here’s the new rule:  Instead of just immediate family, now anyone can email a missionary who is no longer in the MTC.  So here’s Dalton’s email address:  dalton.johnson@myldsmail.net.]  I just hope people understand that I won’t always have enough computer time to write them back every time.

Love you!  Hope things are going well, because they are going well for me.  I’m still praying for all of you.

Elder Johnson

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