Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dalton - 4/2/13 email

Casi estoy en el campo! (or something like that)

Hey!  This will be the last time I write you in the MTC, so you better enjoy the last hint of my childhood.  I'm so excited.  After going to the temple, we were at one of the stores across the street and met a bunch of Lima West missionaries here for zone conference.  I felt like a sixth grader looking at all seventh graders, wondering why they look so blasted old.  So yeah, don't expect an email on Tuesday, because that is transfer day.

It's good to hear that your Easter was entirely uneventful.  JK.
Thanks for the package, mum!  I'll be careful not to eat the card, but you know me well enough to know that there's no guarantees.
Elder Gray, my injured/Aussie extra companion is doing well.  The doctor said that it's healing faster than he's ever seen from that type of injury.  He'll be able to leave the same time we do, which has been a definite answer to prayers.

In other news, I have twice the time to email people as of this week.  The rules are changing, and apparently it will be made effective in the field as well.  We've been told that we can email anyone now from home and vice versa.  I'll see what changes on that in the field, but I've been told that it's everywhere that's made the change.  So yeah, I don't know anyone's email address, so I might spend some time drooling here today.  I don't really care who you tell, if you are all still indeed the rational people I know and love.  The rule, I must say, will likely keep a fair number of elders from wasting their lives away writing letters, so that's a definite bonus.

MTC was great.  Everything that was promised in Dad's blessing is coming to pass.  I'm nowhere near fluent, but I feel comfortable teaching and I can fake my way through a conversation like it's nobody's business.  The gift of tongues has definitely been here, but it's more of a gift of recollection than anything else.

Thanks for being good missionaries even when I was little, and thanks for those summer Book of Mormon challenges we did so long ago.  That's what got me started reading it on my own.  Keep up the good work in the stake, Dad.

Well, love you all!

Elder Johnson

[Note from Dalton's mom:  Thanks to Hermana Larsen's mom, a fellow Missionary Mom, who gave me the names of everyone in this picture.  This is Dalton's CCM district, minus Elder Gray "the Aussi":  Elder Arnett, Elder Norton, Hermana Macleod, Hermana Childers, Hermana Markham, Hermana Larsen,, Elder Cody, and Elder Johnson.]

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