Thursday, April 4, 2013

Davi - 4/3/13 email

Howdy, y'all!

I sure do love you all (I'm not supposed to say guys because it's too informal.  So I've found myself switching to you all.  Yea, not much better.)

And I love it here!  It is the coolest opportunity.  It does make a person pretty anxious to get out and be in the field, but I think that's the idea.  Loving it while I'm here though.  Like, way.

Easter was the greatest thing ever.  We had a testimony meeting in which I told a very quick version of the time Daddy had to clean all the rocks out of my legs and feet when I got that heinous road rash.  It's funny how much that feels similar to when Christ is cleaning us up.  It hurts so bad, but it's the only way we can heal.  And like the way Daddy did it, Christ is cleaning us with one hand, and holding our hand with the other.  Pride rocks hurt coming out, but thank heavens we have a Father in Heaven who cares enough about us to have us cleaned.  Then we got to take the Sacrament all together.  I heard it was the largest group ever to take the Sacrament - over 3,000.  It felt like I was a part of the multitude Christ fed with bread and fish.  Bishop Causse (super French) of the Presiding Bishopric talked to us.  It was amazing.  He talked about love in missionary work.  I got to meet with some of the sisters in my zone seperately, and it was just incredible.  Heavenly Father loves His kids so much.  And I feel so lucky whenever I get opportunities to know that over and over again.  That night we got to hear from Sheri Dew.  Her talk was so powerful, too.  We sang “Called to Serve” together, but with all these other things added, and then I felt like I was in Helaman's army.  It's not every day you feel like you participated in multiple scripture stories.  Just such a beautiful Easter.  

Last week, we had such a cool experience with our investigator. I had been kind of having a hard time teaching, because we teach people pretending to be investigators.  And it threw me off so bad.  Because it's like, how do I love?  But we recently got someone pretending to be this hardened teenager, and I was so excited.  I love hardened teenagers!  And our second lesson with him was going not super well (he was pretty bored and not listening) and out of nowhere we asked if he felt alone.  And he opened up to us, and then he went to church, and prayed, and he looks different.  He is excited when we come now, and smiles at us.  And it makes me so happy.  And I remembered that I love teaching so much.  I am desperate to meet this kid in real life, because I am so “in adore” with even the pretend version of him.  The Spirit lets us learn so much, and experience what we need to. 

I'm learning so much.  And especially I am learning how much I need to learn.  True humility brings you closer to Christ, but being hard on yourself does not.  I have felt so much help beyond my own.  And when I feel myself decide, over and over again, to do whatever it takes for my Heavenly Father, I feel the strength to be able to.  I love it here so much.  I even love the hard.  I've started loving stairs!

So either my family has snuck into the MTC, or there is a Sister Davidawn in my residence hall.  Which is it?

We get to email anyone now.  But I am in the MTC, so none of y'all are getting my email address until I am in Peru. Because if you're too lazy to write a DearElder, you are too lazy to write an email.  You know I'm right.

I'm starting to realize what a blessing it is that I've always disliked alone time.  Having a companion is terrific.  And my district is literally the best.  We do everything together, and make each other laugh a lot.  Granted, our sense of humor has turned into that of pre-K children, but whatever.  I love my zone too.  It's such a cool kind of friendship we develop here.

So I got to see Elder Sean Dalton multiple times before he left to France two days ago!  And I ran into Tony who was trying to see his brother, not his cousin.  But hey, I got to reap the benefit of that mistake.  Aren't they terrific?

I love you all so much.  The Church is way true.  Thanks for thinking of me and praying for me.  I pray for you back, and send blessings your way.

Hermana Johnson

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