Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Being Mormon is Being Happy. And Quirky.

March 17, 2014

Being Mormon is Being Happy.  And Quirky.

Hey, the family.  Elder Peña got some transfers.  [Is he being goofy with the language on purpose?] I am now with a Guatemalan companion named Elder Ortiz.  He's the best.  And pretty short.

We started teaching an English class.  Don't worry—when the 7 people that showed up tell the whole world about the most mind-blowing hour and a half of their life, it will start picking up.

We were also finally able to teach the Tapia family, the family that lost their father this last week.  If you are dying to say prayers for people here, they would be the people I'd choose for you.  They are close.
But, the most gratifying part of the week for me was with the Mendoza family, who are less active.  We visited Lucho, who, as it turned out, had just separated from his partner (and she was actually the reason we never really gave Lucho a chance).  I told him about how grateful I am that my grandpa came back to activity, and I just felt overwhelmed out of nowhere.  I told him it won't be easy, but that it's worth it.  Both he and his brother Paul came to church yesterday.  In a way, it's even more gratifying to see a less active come to church than an investigator, because many times the less active comes as a way to show that he's here to stay this time.

I understand what Davi was talking about, about loving a quirky branch.  Julito, our ward mission leader, always gives long, excited prayers at church, where he almost always says the phrase "Ser Mormon es ser feliz" [“Being Mormon is being happy”] out of nowhere during the prayer.  And right in sacrament meeting, as someone from the district presidency was talking and mentioned that he is 50, our pensionist’s husband (who is 75 and was walking out to go to the bathroom)  said, right out loud, "Oh, es viejo ya."  [“Wow, he is old already.”]   I really did my best to be reverent when I heard it.  Anyway, the branch has some spice to it still.

Hey, I'm glad you're all doing well.  Love ya!

Elder Johnson

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