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Davi - 4/17/13 email

I’m Pretty Lucky

Just ask me how much I love being a missionary.  Please.  BECAUSE I LOVE IT!  

Ok, I will probably get reassigned tomorrow.  How crazy is that?  Cross your fingers for Africa for me!!  We will either leave a week or two weeks from today!  

So I may or may not have the best district currently in the MTC.  And I am heavily leaning toward the first.  Our Elders are the best.  They are so funny, but take such good care of all of us.  To give you a good idea of how funny/tight knit we have all become, let me tell you a story:  On Monday evening, the two of the three remaining Elders came out of the classroom and were standing with their legs touching and holding their ties together.  We just stopped, and were confused that they were acting so weird.  And then they were like, "Seriously?  We have been matching all day long!  And you said nothing!  We even borrowed this tie so that we could match, and it went completely unappreciated.  We looked up the word irate in the Spanish dictionary because that's how we feel right now."  It was so hilarious.  Elder Bradley was like, "Hermana Johnson, this is literally the only day you haven't complimented us on our ties, and there were multiple times when we were pretty much begging you to."  And then we realized they had been dropping hints all day, like "You look so good today Elder."  Or, "You know what show I love?  What Not to Wear."  To which Elder Bradley responded, "Yea, and Love That Dress Hate that Dress."  (P.S. they just walked behind me and I said I was writing a story about them, and they said, "Don't you dare."  And then gave me this little card thing we were supposed to buy, but they beat the sisters to it and bought them for us - prime example of their sweetness).  Anyway, we have been laughing about it ever since.  And they've been coordinating ties every day since too.  And walking us home at night.  And our biggest problem between our district is that we don't speak Spanish enough because we have too much fun with each other in English.  Yea, I'm pretty lucky.

Our teachers are the best too.  I wish they could come with us.  I had a dream that Hermano Rockwood saved us from a bad guy the other night.  That's how I feel about them.

There was a fireside on Sunday about the hastening of the work.  The head of the missionary media came and spoke to us. advertising is everywhere, and it is working, and it is so cool.  I came out of that fireside feeling almost the most excited I ever have to be a part of this work.  It is so cool.  Heavenly Father wants His children to know He is there.  So here is my challenge to you this week: If you have never visited, please visit it, and take a gander, and watch some videos and feel free to chat with the missionaries on it (because I know some of the people who do that!).  If you have in fact visited the site, share it.  Share it on Facebook, give a pass-along card, something.  If you are reading this sentence, that means you have agreed to this challenge.  Congrats!  Bienhecho y Bueno suerte!  Love you!

Now, for the climax of the email: Guess who came to the devotional last night - none other than Elder Richard G. Scott!  It was so evident to me that this man is called of God.  There is no way around it.  He knows the Lord, like an apostle of old.  He knows the Lord the way Peter did.  And we got to hear from him, in a personal setting.  He spoke on prayer.  He started by saying that if he could, he would sit down with each of us for an hour and talk and share and laugh and weep.  And that that's what we can do, but not just with the Representative of God, but with God Himself.  He entreated us to have faith in the times when we don't feel the presence of the Lord as deeply, that He is just as much there and supporting us and loving us as the times when we feel it the most.  It made me think of Harry Potter (stick with me).  Like, when a dementor comes, does that mean that good isn't real and we never felt those good feelings?  No!  It means it's time to put those good memories into power form, and fight!  Alma 5:26 baby!  If you have felt to sing the song of redeeming love, can you feel so now?  In dementor times, we need to remember, and use the times of strength to strengthen us when we need it most.  We deemed yesterday Tender Mercy Tuesday, needless to say.

The most amazing part about Richard G. Scott's talk?  The Apostolic blessing at the end of it.  Remember that time, Dad, that you gave a Stake President blessing, and the Spirit in the room was like incredible?  So imagine that, but from an apostle of the Lord.  Calling down blessings from heaven on the missionaries in attendance, as one who has complete authority to do so.  He gave us a blessing to master the language as we put in our efforts, and peace along with knowledge that you are not alone, and help with companions as we pray for it, etc.  The Spirit in that room was incredible.  When he said, "I invoke an Apostolic blessing" every head went up from their journals and the room went silent.  That was cool.

I love you so dearly. 

P.S. hugest compliment ever - when I showed Elder Fankhauser the sisters picture I got, he was like, "You didn't tell me you had a dark-haired twin!" 

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