Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Davi - 3/27 email

Happy Two-Week Anniversary!

FAMILY!!!  Oh how I love you.  Thanks for being the best ever.  Jamie, can you please send me hair tutorials somehow?  I am lost and confused and my hair typically looks accordingly.  Can you tell the people at the temple that I love them?  

The temple is the hugest blessing here.  I didn't realize how much I had going on in my head until I went to the temple and got to just feel pure peace.  The temple is the best.  It was the hugest blessing getting to work there, and is still the hugest blessing getting to attend weekly.  
The Lord takes care of His missionaries.  How do I know?  Listen to this list of one week’s worth of tender mercies:
1.  There is a Sister in my district who gets every single movie quote.  She's hilarious.
2.  When I went to get Goldfish from the vending machine for Saturday snack night, TWO came out.  TWO!!  We feasted.
3.  I wake up at 6:30 every day and haven't murdered anyone.  [For those of you who haven’t seen Davi in the morning, aka “Grumpy Bear,” I can tell you this is a big deal.  –added by Mom]
4.  There's this thing called the free box.  And I found a huge box of chocolates in it last night.  I ended up pounding on the other Hermanas' door, saying, "Hermanas!  This is really important!"  It has become a quote of ours.
5.  I can understand Spanish sometimes!

We watched this devotional that was given at the MTC [Missionary Training Center] on Christmas by Elder Bednar.  It's called the Character of Christ.  And it is straight-up life-changing.  The whole room was in a daze afterward, trying to comprehend everything.  Pretty much it talked about conversion, and how Christ was able to perform the Atonement because of His personal conversion.  He always turned out to others when we would think to turn in.  I have been working on that, and it is making a real difference.  

I love getting to wear this nametag.  It gives me more permission to just talk to everyone.  And smile at the world.  Because Christ would definitely be paying attention to each one of them.
Oh!  I might be in the thing in the middle of conference on Saturday!  Maybe.  Who knows?  Everyone watch Conference anyway, though!  

I love the MTC.  I love getting to be in a place where the Lord's servants are being trained to be the Lord's servants.  We have volunteered, and want to be here, and couldn't be happier about it.  That's how I feel.  Blessed, and loved, and excited.  There is a lot, but so different than I thought.  Because I never realized I would be given so much strength.  The Lord is so aware of me.  I read 1 Nephi 2:1 in class and felt like Heavenly Father was trying to say that to me, what he said to Lehi.  And then I passed it on to this young lady in the TRC [which, I think, stands for Teaching Resource Center] .  And she started crying, and had the same experience I had.  God loves His kids.  All of them.  Personally.  And He  is desperate for them to know that.  That's why I am here :)

Love you all!  The Church is uber true!!
Hermana Davi 

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