Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dalton - 8/12/13 email

Cambios mañana. Bulacio se va. Que los hice a mis compañeros?
I'm just kind of drooling at the computer right now.  Every Monday, I think, “Woohoo!  So many things to tell my family!”   And then this happens.  I'm sorry that I always go all D&C 9:9  on you all every week [referring to a stupor of thought].

Anyway, favorite scripture.  I feel like I'm being tested right now.  One of them would be Alma 22:15.  I think it perfectly describes what changes can take place when the gospel is taught to someone.  The blessings are worth any sacrifice.  Just as a fun little scripture reference, it might be fun looking up Alma 20:23 as well, though not to put on the missionary board.  It just shows the extent of a person’s change, because the other scripture shows that the price tag he put on his own life was only half of his kingdom.  Later, however, the blessings of the gospel were worth giving up everything he possessed.  Anyway, enough suffocating you all with scriptures.  What is this, Sunday?  Just kidding.

To answer your question, mom, I do actually need something.  If you can mail me four pounds of distilled referrals, that would really be great.  No really, there are things I need, but we have access to buy things.  I mean, I'm not in Piura!  Just kidding, Dave.  So I think it would just be cheaper in general to buy things here.

Oh yeah,  wooohoo, Davi!  Now that you’re actually going to Peru, it will be so much easier to gossip when we get back.

Also, Elder Bulacio is leaving, after just one tranfer.  What am I doing to my companions?  That's too bad. He's a fun one.

Oh yeah, the work here.  Yeah, it's good.  We might have a baptism this Saturday.  The only thing he's missing right now is all of the missionary lessons.  Get ready, Teofilo!

Also, we had 4 less-actives in sacrament meeting!  I love this new key indicator.  I'm really excited for the things we'll get done with President Archibald.

Anyway, love ya!

Elder Johnson

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  1. I love Dalton's insight into the worth of one's life vs. the worth of eternal life. Well played. And I just plain love, love, love that kid! I can just hear his voice and see him holding back a laugh with that grin of his every time I read his emails. Love it!