Thursday, August 15, 2013

Davi - 8/12/13 email

[Hello, friends and family:  Sorry I'm late with the blog update this week, but I kept thinking I would hear from Davi.  So I kept waiting to hear from her so that I could post it here for you, but I still have heard nothing.  She called us on Saturday just to tell us her flight plans and to tell us to be home on Tuesday so she could call us from the airport.  Then we didn't hear from her all day on Tuesday.  No email or anything from the mission home since then, either.  So, here we go with her email from Monday:]

YAY!  And Love via Photos

Seriously?  A favorite scripture?  Ok fine.  Go with 2 Nep 26:24 or 1 Nep 11:17 or 2 Nep 4:18 or anything really. 

Ok, it was such a great week.  We got to go to the temple!!!!!!!!  Oh my gosh, the temple is the greatest thing in the whole world.  I told Heavenly Father while I was in there that maybe the biggest sacrifice I was making for Him was that I wouldn't get to go to the temple for a year.  It's hard to think about.  But, we got to go, and it was amazing.  Everything makes sense in the temple.  Everything is right and peaceful and perfect and happy.  I love it so much.  Theran went to the temple with the ward this weekend, and loved it.  I decided that this time would be most beneficial if I could give this time to be able to help everyone get to the temple and feel the love and peace there the way I do.  

Michael got baptized!!  He is the 9 year-old-son of a less-active who has come back to church.  Michael is just the sweetest little angel.  I want to be so much more like him.  He really did teach me so much about faith and following God and trusting in Him.  We met a Joseph Smith!  Who may or may not have thought he actually was the Joseph Smith....  And Trent wants to pray!  And Ed is progressing so much and consistently and is coming to Church and testified in a group lesson about how he has received so much revelation through the Book of Mormon.  I love him so much.  He is getting baptized this month.  And Abel is so progressing so well!  He wants to get baptized this month also, and is working toward it.  He did have a small hang-up about whether or not God approves of vampires.  I was stifling laughter a little too hard to be able to answer.  And then in the same lesson Sis Schenk pronounced Korihor like Koreehor, and that combined with the vampire thing, I just went into a giggle fit.  Can't believe that has been my only mid-lesson giggle fit my whole mission.  And Josh!!  He all of a sudden showed that he likes us, and will miss me.  He is getting baptized this month too.  He is so great.  And Tawnee wants to get baptized! When we were meeting with her, we taught her sweet daughter Mackenzie to pray.  She prayed that her mom would be able to get work off for church, and then gave me this huge hug and said, "Thank you for teaching me that."  She is this little angel.  Anyway, I love these people.  It is so cool that Heavenly Father let me be a part of their lives.  

It's crazy that I'm leaving, y'all!  It's weird!  Like it doesn't feel like I'm leaving even still.  All of these girls in my ward started crying, and Dallin and Jake almost did.  They would never admit that, though.  Anyway, it was so sweet.  I seriously loved being here.  I have made some best friends here who I will remember and love forever.  I think Kalli and Ciara and I will need to be roommates at some point in our lives.  It has been the coolest thing ever watching them and loving them and seeing a whole ward grow.  I have been so grateful to be a part of it.  I love the Lord so much, and am so grateful I have all these chances to learn about Him, and to trust in Him with everything I have.  I am betting everything I have on Him, going all in, because I know who's going to win.  But maybe more importantly, I know who is going to take care of me. It's My Savior.  He's got me good.  I know He loves us.  It's so cool to help others see it.  Bet on Him.  He will make you win.  

Love you all, for the last time from America!!!!!!!!
Hermana Johnson

PS:  Here you will see a pic of the ward, and one of Michael's baptism, and one of the three of us doing the area book after a big day.  Yeah, the baptism picture or the one at the table is more what i look like on a normal day, in case you were wondering.  It was in the evening, and I can’t stay pretty for that long, that’s for sure.  Enjoy.

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  1. I love how much Davi is loving her mission, just like we knew she would. She just lives to help others, especially to help them change their lives for the better. And what better way to do that than on a mission? This is such a perfect fit for her. She is where she needs to be and where she is needed.