Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Dalton - 8/19/13 email


Hey, fam!  Guess how many Elder Johnsons there are in the mission!  And how many of them are district leader. And the chances that my mission president mistook me for the other Elder Johnson.  But hey, don't stress it.  I'll let the Elder Johnson from Utah know how proud you all are that he's district leader now in Huaraz.  I'm not embarrassed!  I don't want apologies!  But hey, Davi knows my mission president! He's awesome.

My new companion is Elder Sarria from Chile.  He has one transfer more than me, and no, I'm not his district leader.  He's great and a lot of fun.  We're really excited to work together, because it's like we can learn from each other and teach and take responsibility together.  The thunder's coming!  The mission is changing, and so are we.  Expect a lot more in terms of pictures of baptisms!  I feel like my own cheerleader right now.

One cool story from this week:  Antonio and Fausta Vilca said that they'll make the sacrifices to get sealed.  I almost started to cry when he started telling us that the day we knocked their door, they were both being punished by God by the things going on in their lives, and they were wondering if it was all because they weren't active.  Then we knocked their door, just a couple of missionaries that were fruitlessly looking for less-actives for weeks.  He told me that Elder Bulacio and I are his angels.  He's getting Sundays off now, and he's happy to be at that faraway chapel at 8 in the morning.

So yeah, no complaints.  There's nothing that can replace that feeling.  I'm so glad that I got to work in the temple, because now, instead of talking about the principles of just keeping the Sabbath day holy and enduring to the end, I talk to less-actives about the plan of salvation and the temple.  The effect is far more powerful to those that will just listen.

Anyway, this keyboard is terrible and my hands are tired.  I love you all!

Elder Johnson (the one that’s junior companion)

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