Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Davi - 8/26/13 email

A Blonde Walks into a Church…

Thank heavens Heavenly Father loves me enough to help me want to be humble.  It is a blessing indeed. I typed indid, and stared at it for about a minute trying to figure out how to spell it.  My brain ain't got room for correct spelling in two languages.

So besides starting to forget English, I am also forgetting the real tunes to the hymns.  Also, I had rabbit for lunch on Saturday.  Check that off my bucket list.

Felix didn't get baptized.  Why, you might ask?  Because he doesn't want to give the church his information for the baptismal record.....  They should really teach us these things in the MTC.  He really just is scared, but he is amazing.  He is reset for Sept 21.  

Jenifer did get baptized this Saturday though!  She is the cutest 15-year-old you ever did see.  Her family started coming back to church a while ago, and she was baptized.  In her confirmation, it was just so evident that authority is authority, no matter what language you speak.

I think blonde jokes started in South America.  Because when there's a joke, the blonde in the room is the one not getting it in all the rooms I am in.  BUT, yesterday, three different times people laughed at something I said, and not because it was poor Spanish.  They all seemed shocked that I had it in me. Little do they know :)  

I remember Dalton saying something about feeling like a toddler in lessons, just drooling at people.  I will quote him on that one.  

Oh man, there is this gorgeous 30-something sister who has started coming back to church, and she has decided that she is my grandma.  Her name is Hermana Rojas.  And Hermana Milagros is the most patient person I have ever met.  I love her dearly, and feel so grateful for all the kisses she gives my cheeks when I see her.

I really am so grateful for Heavenly Father and His gospel.  He has so much in mind for His children, our poor little minds can't even start to comprehend it.  I love being His.  I know I am.  I know in whom I have trusted.  

Love you all dearly!  The prayers are so wonderfully helpful, so thank you.  

Hermana Johnson

P.S.  I am learning a lesson - Selfishness is the secret to unhappiness.  I think that will b a lifelong lesson.....

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