Friday, August 16, 2013

Davi - 8/16/13 letter

[We finally received an email today!  Woohoo!  There was a nice letter from President and Sister Rowley, along with this letter from Davi.  The photo shows Davi with her new companion and the Rowleys.]

Hola, familia!

So sorry I didn’t call today.  Things got a little cray cray.  But I am here now!  And I am so excited!  I already have a love for this place.  I love my mission president/wife, and my companion seems like such a sweetheart. She will take good care of me.  This place is already feeling like home.  And my companion said to send her love.  She really is an angel.  Hermana Mora es de Arequipa, Peru.  Ella es muy bonita.  Anyway, I’m so happy to be here, and super safe, and oh, I met Dalton’s President at the airport!  Dalton became district leader.  I’m serving in the city.  It just feels so good and right to be here.  Ok, love you.  Bye!


Hermana Johnson

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