Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Dalton - Joe Jock, Mohawk!


Hey, family.  I just want the world to know that I learned an important lesson last P-day:  It is definitely better to get someone to cut your hair than to do it yourself.  I mean, when I did it the front looked good, but the back did have several craters.  The lady in the hair-cutting place, whatever that’s called in English, did fix it up.  But I was called, as a natural consequence, Elder Hitler in the district meeting.  However, I am happy to report that it has improved since then.  I actually think the cut has a rather slimming effect.

(I’m sorry, Mom, but I’m also kind of an idiot with uploading photos.)

[Mom here.  You're all probably wondering what "Joe Jock Mohawk" means.  My husband, Joe, told our kids about how his mom used to cut his hair when he was in high school.  Apparently once or twice she ended up doing one of those maneuvers where one side was shorter than the other, so she'd cut the other side more, and so on until his hair was... well, let's just call it unfashionably short.  So the cool kids with the long hair gave him the nickname of Joe Jock Mohawk. Honestly, I don't know how they still thought they were cool after making up that up]

Hmm..what else......umm....oh yeah!  I’M IN MY SECOND AREA!  That’s what Daddy´s talking about!  I’m in the Ventanilla stake, in the Pedro Beltran ward.  My new companion is a 26-year-old named Elder Rubí from Costa Rica.  I’m not going to lie, I haven’t been so excited since I started my mission.  The ward is very supportive, and I came into the area just in time to reap the harvest, so I kind of feel like a jerk for that.  (Sorry, Elder Narvaez.  Hope you have fun in Los Olivos.)  It’s like the Lord was saying to me, Ok buddy, you’ve been a good boy.  I´ll let you go to Ventanilla.

Javier is 19 years old and is going to get baptized this Saturday.  He wants to serve a mission and is evidence of how a good ward can really change the lives of people.

There’s also a lot of less actives here.  That just makes my mouth water.  I’m so excited for that.

Oh, we also have cell phones now.  I feel like such a zone leader.

Well, I’m sorry that that was a little scattered, but that’s kind of how I am right now.  This is just my third day here.

Anyway, love you all.  Stay in school!

Elder Johnson

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