Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Davi - How Fun is That?


Oh man, you know what is freaky?  That I have been out for eight months.  What the heck?  And that I have only been here for three ha.  

Rachel is pregnant!!!  Yay!  Just got the letter.  Excited to meet the little thing.  Thanks for sending me letters, Rachel.  A general apology for never writing back.  I haven’t sent a single letter while I have been here.  I have no idea how it works to do so.  And I kind of like having that excuse, so.....  lo siento.  [Sorry.]

Ok, I really love my comp.  Just a quick sidenote.  I looove her.  She is so darling and patient and good to me. We are totally different, but are kind of becoming each other.  I am so grateful for her.  I love her more every day. My little Hermana Gomez.

The family Maza Ramos all came to church!  It so was crazy!  They are inactive, and recently the dad has been willing to meet with us.  But he really doesn’t have a testimony of who God is, much less that the Church is true. So we have been working with them, and we kind of thought that we had a really long way to go with them before they would come to church, but they all came!!!  All six of them, with their hair combed!  I saw them walking in, and I started like screaming at my companion, and she thought that I was hurt or that the building was on fire, but when she saw them too, we both just stood together in shock and tried to greet them and move our jaws that were glued to the floor.  Seriously, that was the coolest.  

Had an intercambio [exchange] with the little sister of one of my best friends.  How fun is that?  Hna Boone, sis de Laura Boone.  

We just had so many miracles this week, y’all!  All of these people came to church.  Sort of randomly. And our ward is becoming so much more a ward!!  They are having activities, and they love each other, and they are participating so much more too!  I just, oh, I love them.  We had an FHE con YSA last night, and challenged each of them to have a baptism before the year’s end.  They were all like stoked about it. Beforehand, my comp was like, I don’t like this age—you’ve got this lesson.  Haha she’s so funny. Members really do want to participate.  They just don’t know how.  I feel like more than anything, we are here to help train other people to be missionaries.  Then the joy of the work is so much more.  So many more get to participate. 

I think I finally, for the first time in my whole mission, don’t feel like a total greenie.  Still like whoa, I am such a retard, but like hey.  Better.  

Man, I love this Gospel.  It is superdy duper true.  I feel it more every day.  It’s so weird.  Like I have never felt this sure about anything in my whole life.  And it just gets surer and surer.  This rock really is a rock.  It is solid and makes everything more true, and make sense.  The only thing that doesn’t make sense is that people wouldn’t want it.  I hope everyone can give it a chance.  Because every single person I see here, I want to have it.  That means every person in the U.S. too.  If someone is reading this who doesn’t quite understand some of the terms, or maybe doesn’t know why I feel so happy being away from everything that others think makes people happy, please email me.  Or my mom.  Or go to www.mormon.org and start chatting with the missionaries.  Please.  If only because I am asking you too, and because you know that I wouldn’t ask you do anything that wasn’t because I love you.  Thank you.  Because really, I love you.

Thanks for all the prayers, y’all.  My ward is benefiting hugely from them.  Sometimes I wonder how in the world they are progressing so well, and then I remember all of the incredible people I have who pray for me and my people.  Thank you.  It means everything to me.

Hna J

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