Thursday, November 21, 2013

Davi - Talk to me, Homes


What a week!

We had cambios [transfers], and I got transferred!  To this day, I have had a different comp every single cambio. I think it’s probably because Heavenly Father doesn’t want to put anyone through the misery of being with me 24/7 for longer than that.  My new comp is named Hna Gomez also.  Perfect.  I don’t have to do that embarrassing saying your last comp’s name in the prayer instead of the current one.  That feels like calling your new boyfriend your last boyfriend’s name.  They never forgive you.

I am in an area called Talara.  It is about two hours out of Piura.  We travel by bus for our intercambios [exchanges] now, three hours to Tumbes, and two to Piura.  And we return to our casa at like 7 because the hermanas here have gotten accosted so many times.  So like, it is possible that I will die of not being in lessons, but hey, maybe I needed a heck of a lot of study time or something.  Because heaven knows I wouldn’t have been able to finish Jesus the Cristo en Español if not.  

I left that dear sweet area one week before Karolina and Socorro are getting baptized, two weeks before Katherin and Carlos and Korayma are getting baptized, and three weeks before Nikol and Bertha.  I think Dalt said he came into his area reaping success.  I think I paid that due for you mister, so you are welcome.  No really, it is just cool that I got to be a part of that ward transforming and progressing together.  I really do love them.

When I was on an intercambio, this white guy came up to me and was like, please tell me you speak English.  I was like, yea, talk to me homes.  His wife is Peruvian, and he was visiting family with her, but he missed home so bad.  I guess other elders had given him a Book of Mormon, and he had been reading it.  He had these questions written in it, and it was so sweet.  We talked, and he was a recovering alcoholic from Connecticut, wanting to change his life forever because he hates living in fear of going back.  After our brief discussion, he offered one of the sweetest prayers I have heard in my whole life, and immediately embraced me in this huge hug.  My comp got him off me, but it was darling all the same.  We had some really incredible experiences this week, finding people who really are ready.  It’s so cool that when you feel like your heart is in pieces because so many people are not choosing happiness, Heavenly Father lets you see something beautiful like that.  

It is amazing what God does for us, isn´t it?  All of the opportunities that we have, all of the help that we don’t see and can’t thank Him for properly, just everything.  Like really, I shouldn’t need to be receiving so much.  I am here to try to help Him.  But He is my Daddy.  And like my Daddy on Earth, He just wants so desperately for me to be happy.  

I know this is all true.  Following it brings joy.  That’s why I am here.

Hermana J

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  1. Oh I just love the part where she says, "But He is my Daddy. And like my Daddy on Earth, He just wants so desperately for me to be happy." Love that girl!