Monday, June 17, 2013

Dalton - 6/10/13 email

Another Email, by Popular Demand

Ok, buckle up, because I know that this is the moment you have been waiting for this whole week.
I never know where to start.

Ok, I'll explain something about some of the recent converts.  Margarita Ramirez got baptized last week, along with her daughter Lucero.  The husband is going to church, but hasn’t taken the lessons yet because he's recuperating from a medical problem.  It's a miracle that I ever figured out what was going on when it was explained in Spanish, because it's hard to explain even in English.  He is improving, but is not ready for the lessons.  Anyway, this weekend, she went to the temple with the Relief Society, and she expressed in Gospel Principles class on Sunday that she will do anything to get her family sealed.  I realized, after she said it, that a certain weight was just taken off my shoulders.  I didn't even completely feel that at their baptism, because even though the baptism itself is a great experience, you're still holding your breath to a certain point.  But now, I know she's here to stay, that she and Teo will strive for the temple, and that Felipe and Julianop will get baptized in due time.

Also, Anthony Cabello is one of my heroes.  Because of weird transfer schedules, he's officially a baptism of other missionaries, even though I was there to initiate teaching and I'm here now.  He's been sharing the gospel with more enthusiasm than I've seen from any priest.  His brother finally came to church, and I think that Anthony will be able to baptize him.  He's also invited many other friends to church and works with us multiple times every week.  He's only 16, but he's becoming the center of strength in the ward.

Oh, Matt Kelly's father-in-law just got called as Elder's Quorum President.  That is just so strange that Puente Piedra has a tie to home.

One more thing.  I've been lazy with pictures partly because my trainer is going home next week and has pictures of this transfer.   There will be pictures soon enough.

Ok, I won't write too much more, because I need to save my energy in convincing my zone that going to Domino's with our coupons is a better idea than playing soccer.  In response, they will likely say, "Oh yeah.  Soccer for a little bit, then lunch."  Which essentially means soccer.  I'm getting better at soccer, though, believe it or not.  Not to say that I'm good.

Anyway, love you all.  Have fun, stay in school, and make good choices.

Elder Johnson

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