Monday, June 24, 2013

Dalton - 6/24/13 email

My Transfer with Elder Bean

Ok, first off, why was Rachel the only one to tell me that one of the rappers from the classic group Kris Kross passed away?  I must say, that's wiggidywiggidywiggidywiggidy wack.  Someone may have to verify if I used the right number of wiggidies.  I'm sorry, it's just that I’ve been waiting all week to write that.

Anyway, New transfer!  My new companion is Elder Bulacio, from Argentina.  He is one of my heroes.  He was a member only a year and a half before leaving on his mission.  He cancelled a trip when he was an investigator to not miss an appointment with the missionaries.  He'll have to start his schooling over again once he gets back from his mission.  And what have I done with my life?  Seriously, he's a great missionary that knows exactly why he's here.  What's more, he kind of looks like Rowan Atkinson, in a good way.   [Hence the Elder “Bean” reference, everyone.]  (I'll send a picture soon.)  Oh, and he's fluent in English.  Don't worry—we don't speak English until we finish planning at night.

Our progressing investigators are all relatives of converts/investigators.  We're especially excited for Jhostin (Justin), a teenager who will be able to be baptized by his older brother Anthony.  (Anthony has been a member for less than two months, and he always asks us when he can accompany us to appointments.)  Good boys.

We're also really excited to try something new this transfer.  For the next two transfers, we set an almost outrageous goal for people in the ward reactivated.  I won't say what goal we set specifically, but we'll need to get to know the whole ward.  We think that baptisms won't be a problem in the process.  It's almost strange how excited we are for this goal, and we are seeing some real potential already.

Also, thanks a lot for talking about how great that first half hour of that fireside was.  Our stake got the projector to work about halfway through Elder Perry's talk.  On the upside, I finally know how to slowly kill a group of excited missionaries.

Really, though, great fireside.  A lot to learn about how to work with members.  Also, there was a segment that showed a father looking at his old missionary plaque, and that had a great impact on me.  It made me realize, in that moment, that I would be perfectly happy doing this until the day I die.

Les amo! Cuidense!

Elder Johnson

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