Monday, June 17, 2013

Davi - 6/10/13 email


I got to see Theran get baptized and confirmed!!! 

Guess what else I got?!  I got an assignment to train!  

You thought I was going to say I got my visa, huh?  Well, the joke is on you.  Or me, depending on how you look at it.  

Ok, but I really do love it here.  Mostly, I just love being a missionary.  I have been learning about how giving my will to the Lord is where it’s at.  Seriously, this is the life.  It's kind of hard to do, but it's so much happier.  Every step I take toward giving my will over makes my life so much better.  We don't give Heavenly Father enough credit.  He doesn't ask us to give our will for His sake—He asks for our sakes.  

And that is why I am ok with training one transfer in.  Because I know that this is what God wants, no matter how inadequate I am.  Therefore, it will be the very best thing ever.  And how could I complain about that?  I am super stoked :)  And when I get terrified, I remember that I have the best ward members ever here who will train this poor girl.  

And more on the baptism of the coolest kid ever.  I don't know what else to say, besides it was the coolest.  He is going places in the Gospel.  And is set on serving a mission.  And remaining faithful forever.  I wish we could have taken a picture of his face coming out of the font.  He was so happy.  This gospel makes people happy!  

Even my first comically bad day was awesome.  I came home stoked.  Because joy comes from serving, not from benefitting.  So I was like, "Let's go clean more hoarders’ homes!!!"  Not really, but almost!  Ha, I really was stoked, that wasn't a lie.  

Sometimes I think I am not realizing how amazingly lucky I am to be here and seeing so many wonderful changes.  I am so lucky.  

I pray for you all the time and I love you soooo much.  Thank you so much for being the best.

Sistah Dav

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