Monday, June 17, 2013

Davi - 6/17/13 email

Missionary Work is the Best!

Happy Father's Day!!!!  I love my daddy so much.  The whole world knows that, but it just can't be said enough.  And what I love even more is that I know that doing the work of my Heavenly Father is what my earthly father wants me to be doing too.  

So, I love being a missionary so much.  

Where to even start?  There's like too much to say!

Ok, Charlie.  He is so incredible!!!!  Oh my word.  But he can't get work off for church, and that is literally the only thing keeping him from being baptized.  He even asked if he could switch to the graveyard position so he could come.  Can you believe that?  But we are starting to bring him to lessons because he has such a powerful understanding and testimony.  And he has already starting sharing it!  We are going to meet with his friend tonight and hopefully his sister soon.  Please pray for him.

We met with Rachel and Melissa this week.  They are the sisters of a less active in the ward who has started coming back.  They are so cool.  They are so sincere, and so easy to talk to, and so willing to learn.  It's cool too how the family thing works, because we tried to teach them both at separate times, but it went so much better when we got to teach them together with their brother there too.

Ed!!!  Oh man, Ed!  He's is so awesome.  We got to meet with him for the first time yesterday, and it was incredible!  He knows so much!  It's really neat how the Lord just prepares people, you know?
Theran gave me his bracelet this week.  The one that he put on his wrist when he was 14 to remind him to always search for the truth.  He promised he wouldn’t take it off until he found it.  So when we met with him this week, he took it off and gave it to me.  I cried :)

My companion!!  She is so cool, team.  Her name is Sister Arnold.  I feel sooooo blessed.  She reminds me a ton of Tam.  In fact, I'm pretty sure if Tam were a missionary from Alabama, then they would have the same DNA.  Anyway, it is so fun.  We are both pumped about the work, and ready to roll.  And I have no idea how to train, but I am trying really hard, and I know that's what the Lord expects of me.  Thank heavens he gave me such an awesome comp.  

We had a great day together on Saturday.  None of our appointments happened, but we just followed the Spirit all day, and things just magically happened!  We taught a full-blown 45-minute lesson in the middle of a park—we found these people who are so ready, and found these potentials we have been searching for for forever.  (For for forever?  That can't possibly be correct.)  Anyway, I actually think that was able to happen because we were trying to be positive all day.  The Lord works through goodness and happiness, so being positive allows the Spirit to work in you, because that is how the Spirit works.  Plus (1 Nephi 8), life is so much happier that way!  I mean, we could focus on the scary mucky river, or the people making fun of us in the huge building, or we could look at the big ol’ tree with really yummy fruit that makes you happier than happy!  And that fruit is what really matters, you know?  It is all about that love.  Yea, we aren't doing everything perfect, but hey, who cares?  Because that love is available to all who desire and work for it.  And we have a commission to help people do those things.  THIS GOSPEL IS THE BEST!!!!

Challenge:  If you didn't understand the tree analogy, go to, ask for a Book of Mormon, and read about it.  If you did understand that analogy, also go to and get a Book of Mormon and give it to someone.  Because they deserve it too! 

I love this ward so much.  Have I mentioned that before?  So much.

Anyway, be good, love you big time, big time big time.  Pray, then you will feel it even more!!  

I'm such a missionary right now, huh?  It's great, isn't it? :)

Love you.
Sister Johnson

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