Monday, June 24, 2013

Davi - 6/24/13 email

Hogwarts Express

Charlie made it to Church this week!!!  He finally got work off.  So he can keep his date of July 13th now! Your prayers worked, so more would be awesome!

So we had hour-long church yesterday, which got people to it!  We advertised it like crazy.  Don't know if that's bad or not....  But it was so awesome!

This ward is the best ward in the northern hemisphere.  And they all love and trust us now, and we had over fifteen people yesterday ask us when they can come out with us.  This ward is getting the whole missionary work thing, and it's awesome!  I love that I have been able to serve and grow so close with people who live so close to Reno and Provo, that I will be able to see again after.  Like seeing Theran go through the temple :)

I know I talk about Theran a lot, but like, I can't help it!  He is so great!  And he has the priesthood now, and is going to the temple for baptisms soon, and is a ward missionary.  We gave him an assignment to share a missionary experience in Institute, and he was like, "Yea, I will go out with the missionaries twice this week and have something."  And we said, "We think you can do something on your own too."  And he said, "But I don't really know people." And we said, "But you can get to know people."  And he said, "Yes I can.  And I need to get over my fear of talking to people.  So I will pray about it and figure out what I can do."  Isn't he the best?  We then talked about how missionary work is fighting Satan, and that the power Satan works by is fear.  So, by definition, missionary work is fighting fear.  

Didn't everyone feel PUMPED after that broadcast though?  Man, the work is moving!!  This is a fast train, and it's a super fun one.  I LOVE it.  Everyone just hop on it.  The jump on is initially scary, but then you get in there, and it's like the Hogwarts Express!  You get to talk to a bunch of people and make tons of friends, your destination is a magical wonderful place of learning/castle (temple/Celestial Kingdom), you get fed, etc.  Seriously, team, it's the best.  This is totally the life.

We started teaching Ed and Skyler and Josh, all of whom are AMAZING!  They are so ready, it's crazy. The Lord is so wonderful to bless us with the chance to be a part of this.  He loves His kids, and wants them to hear His truth, so all we have to do is trust in that, and be willing to love Him enough to do what He asks.  It's really the best thing ever.  

Ok, so I noticed something this week: The ideas that people our age have of who God is comes straight from their own dads.  If their dad is harsh and difficult to please, then they feel like whatever they do, it's not enough for God.  If their dad is distant and uninvolved, they feel like God is too.  I am here to tell you that God just loves you.  He is so happy to have you, He loves you, His heart breaks when yours does, and His heart is overjoyed when you try to come closer to Him.  And He is so close to you, you wouldn't even believe it.  

The challenge today is this:  Girls, don't you dare marry someone who won't be able to show your children adequately how God feels about His children—and then support the man you do marry so your kids trust him.  And guys, become this man.  It's time.  My mom and dad have done this for me, and it has made all the difference.  Please, follow their example, and start now to please your future family.  

Ok, love you so much.  Like, a lot.
Sister Johnson

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