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Davi - 6/3/13 email

More To Come

Dalton and I had our first baptisms on the same day?  Of course we did.  He is so sweet to wait for me like that just like he always does.  Nowadays, instead of daydreaming about boys, I daydream about stuff like finding new investigators and getting referrals and miracle singles ward activities.  But I also daydream about the fateful reunion of me and Dalton in Lima when I get off the airplane.  I have come up with so many scenarios, it's incredible.

Am I going to see pics of the wedding or what?  Come on!

Jamie!!  A secret? [She didn’t tell us beforehand about her guitar-riff singing solof.]  Who are you? Definitely not a Johnson.  That's super weird.  But I'm extremely impressed.  I bet that was soooo fun having a bunch of cousins come to that.  If we are being honest, last email about how all the cousins were there was the first one where I was like, dang it!  Shows how much I love cousins.  

Ha actually, President Foote [who is originally from Reno and knows our family and is now a counselor to Davi’s mission president in Las Vegas] said that he was talking to my mission president about me, and said, "So is there any way we can lose all of her visa paperwork?"  And that he said he was sure he could work something out. And I was like, "Haha....." *scared eyes* 

Theran.  Oh my gosh, Theran.  Do you wanna know what?  HE IS GETTING BAPTIZED THIS SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!  I'm serious.  And he is so out-of-his-mind excited.  After his interview he asked if he could move it up to that afternoon.  It's darling.  But ready for this?  This last Saturday, we met with him, and he told us he had had a revelation.  He said, "I know this might be weird, because I'm not even baptized yet.... But I think I am going to put off going into the military so I can serve a mission."  Ahhh!!  I started crying.  Obviously.  And then he proceeded to bear his testimony about how life-changing this gospel is.  About how this last month has been the best month of his life. That he feels like he is getting to know himself.  That he has never felt so much hope before.  And that he wants everyone to have this.  It was so cool!  He is truly being converted to the Lord, and it is incredible to watch.  He is a completely different person than when we first started teaching him, and he knows that, and knows that it is the Atonement of Christ that makes that all possible.

Charlie!  Oh my word, he is incredible.  I love this guy so much.  He is getting baptized on the 29th of this month, and is like crazy ready for it.  Will is also getting baptized on that day.  The Lord is amazing, isn't He? :)  More to come on these two.  

We just started teaching Sunny.  Gave him a BOM on Sunday, and when we came back on Tuesday, he had read into Helaman!!  But then he had a dream where his grandpa said he wasn't ready...  We will see about that :)  Great kid though.

Juan and Rachel are awesome too.  I want to tell you about all of everyone!!

I would like to hereby apologize to everyone I have ever lived with.  Because I have my own bathroom right now, and the amount of hair on the floor is about as much as when I live with three other girls.  Also, I am starting to think that I am a natural-born spoon loser, because even here, our spoons are disappearing, and there are no trouble-making boys (or gremlins) to blame it on.  So, sorry about that. 

So wanna hear the sweetest thing ever?  On Thursday, we were at a new missionary training and President Foote was there.  During his talk (which was amazing) he talked about my daddy.  He said "This last weekend I was up at a wedding in Reno, and I saw Sister Johnson's dad, because his son/her brother was getting married that day, too.  He treated me very nicely as always, but he completely lit up when I told him that I had seen his daughter bearing her testimony in the singles ward.  He started asking all about her, and was so anxious to know how she was doing.  He had a boy getting married that day, but he stopped everything out of this beautiful love of his daughter.  He wanted any and all news of her. He didn't just drop her off at the MTC and forget about her.  He is ALWAYS anxiously thinking about her. This is how Heavenly Father is with us.  He didn't just drop us off and forget about us.  He would stop anything to hear about us.  He is so concerned about us, and wants to hear from us and about us so desperately."  That was a poor paraphrase, but you get the idea.  I was bawling.  President Foote was bawling.  And every single sister was crying too.  I compare my daddy to my Heavenly Dad all the time, but it was so nice to hear someone else do it, and see how many people it touched.  

Prayer really is so hugely crucial.  I have been learning a lot about that.  I have started praying in the middle of street contacts.  Alma 37:36 and 37 really leads to the daily miracles in verse 40.  That's my challenge this week:  Pray a little more, and a little more like you are talking to a dad like mine, who is so desperate to hear from you, who lights up when He does hear from you, and will stop everything for you.I  I know that is true.  And that joy comes in doing what the Lord wants, because He wants our joy.  Joining our will with His is the best thing we can possibly do for our happiness, because that means we will start wanting happiness for ourselves.  

Anyway, I pray for you all all the time.  And I fasted for you yesterday.  And I love you like mad crazy.

Being a missionary is the best.  Seriously.  But even better than that is the Lord :)  He loves you so much. Please don't let yourselves forget.

Love you all!
Sister Johnson

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