Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Dalton - 9/2/13 email


You don't have to explain.  You're all going on trips now because I was so much extra weight.  It was like having to pack 150 hair dryers.  But come on, I didn't even know for sure if states like that even existed. No, that's ok. You're all stuck on the wrong hemisphere anyway.

And come on!  That's awesome with Gerry!  Be sure to give him a hug for me.

Hey, Teofilo finally got baptized yesterday!  He'll get confirmed next Sunday.    Honestly, he is a miracle. I think I already wrote a little about his situation, but wow.  He's going to be a much-needed support.  And hey, the picture also shows his wife, Margarita, and his daughter, Lucero.  They were the baptisms where I forgot my camera, so I hope this makes up for it.

It can be hard to find adult males to teach sometimes, mostly because the commute to the center of Lima [where most men work] is usually 2 hours each way.  But you should be the experts now if you've seen the documentary.  I only mention that to say how excited I am when we do find a solid adult male.  We taught John yesterday for the second time, since he only has time on Sundays.  His wife is a member, though they were separated for a time.  He came to church one day with his wife to hear the gospel principles class on charity.  He said that class stuck with him.  He wanted to have that in his life.  I was explaining to him that the Holy Ghost usually doesn't come in the form of visions, but then he basically finished my thought.  He explained that he's felt something different every time we teach and when he tried to read the Book of Mormon.  He'll get baptized the end of this month.

I'm so glad we have President Archibald.  He expects a lot out of us, which just means that we're more tired but an awful lot more happy.

There were also a lot more people at church yesterday.  That's exciting.

Our new ward mission leader is a 19-year-old pre-missionary named Giancarlos.  He's also Elder's Quorum secretary and YSA leader.  He's a good boy.

Anyway, love you all.

Elder Johnson

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