Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Dalton - Wilson!!!



Hey, everybody.  It's Elder Johnson again.  I'm having a good time, so you can tell the Friday night shift at the temple that I said hi and that I love them.  Well, Thursday night shift too, if you're ever there.

Also, the shoes thing.  [Dalton’s shoes look awful in every picture I’ve seen, so I asked him if he needs new ones.]  Hear me out here.  I'm pretty sure that Kansas wrote the song "Dust in the Wind" while on a road trip to northern Lima.  I won't say that I shine my shoes every day, but I try to be good about that, even though it usually takes about five minutes for it to look like it just went through an Indiana Jones movie.  If the shoes ever become unusable, I'll be sure to tell you, because anyone in Peru with my shoe size could make decent money as a circus freak.  No shoes my size.

Oh, and the Pedro Beltran is the main road in Satelite, which is the main part of my area.  My ward is actually some of the most developed part of Ventanilla, which doesn’t see nearly the poverty of Pachacutec, another part of Ventanilla which is actually the poorest part of Lima.  So that's where I am.

And hey, we finally baptized an Italian kid!  Well, we were just the missionaries that were lucky enough to be in the ward when he got baptized.  Abrahan Poggi was an investigator for 2 years, and he was just waiting for family members to come from Italy to be there for his baptism.  I'm not going to overstate my importance in this process, but it was a great service all the same.

This week was great in terms of finding people.  We found tracting a man named Miguel, who went to church with his friends 20 years ago and liked it.  We ended up teaching his whole family, and—drumroll please—he's married!  A missionary here that sees a wedding picture in his investigator's home reserves the right to cry right there on the spot.  (I held myself together, thank you very much.)  He also came to church by himself, which doesn't ever happen to investigators you find tracting.  That was exciting. Another person I contacted on the street is named Martha Wilson, who, as it turns out, is a member that doesn't show up on the ward directory. She was so excited to hear from us that she invited family and friends to the lesson we had on Saturday.  She, as well as a large number of people in her family, also came to church on their own.  For the first time ever in the ward, they had to open up the overflow during sacrament meeting.  That made the ward (and the missionaries) really excited.  That was a lot of fun.  

Also, we found Erika, who actually read the Restoration pamphlet, even though she isn’t exactly an investigator yet.  We found her right after a bird opened fire on my arm.  We knocked her door and she let me use the bathroom, and I left the pamphlet, just because I kept thinking while in the bathroom "Well, the Lord works in mysterious ways."  At the very least, nice bathroom.

That sounds like a great priesthood meeting that you had.  I hope you didn’t share anything super embarrassing that I wrote.  Love ya!

Elder Johnson

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  1. So many favorite parts, I can't choose just one. I love that kid, circus freak feet and all!