Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dalton - Solo un Bresito

January 20, 2014

Solo un Bresito [Only a Little Kiss]

I'm sorry, but I'm writing this while still a little traumatized from this morning.  It was probably the most awkward avoiding-a-kiss-with-the-handshake experience I've had here.  I mean, she almost forced it on me, but I just couldn't let her.  I know it's normal here, but not in my country!  With any luck, we won’t ever see each other again.

This week was great. I mean, not baptisms, but some great experiences.  Yesterday, we had an appointment set for right after church in Hijos de Ventanilla, one of the far ends of our area.  Our plan B was pretty far away, and we weren't sure if the appointment was going to show up, even though we wanted new investigators.  I suggested that we say a prayer and then we'll see where we feel like going.  After the prayer, I was gently leaning towards going to the plan B, so we went there instead.  Later in the day, all of our other plans fell through, so we decided to see if our original appointment was still there.  Just before we got to the house, a man on another porch saw us and said  "Elderes" to greet us.  We found out that he is a less active and a relative of the plan B less-active family we had visited earlier that day.  He just so happened to be visiting his in-laws in that moment, so if we had come earlier, he wouldn’t have been there.  He introduced us to his in-law family, and they are excited to listen from us.  [Isn’t it cute how he’s starting to forget how we say things in English?]  He also wants to become active again in the church.  Things like that make me realize how very gentle the Spirit actually is.  

I'm sorry.  I really hope that experience made sense.  Just trust me, it was fantastic.

In further news, I might be going to Pachacutec to open up an area there to let sisters in my area in the next transfer.  We'll see next week.  Just Google Image Pachacutec and you'll know what I’m talking about.  The place makes you appreciate the Abrahamic covenant, because it is a giant pile of sand.  [Hint from Dalton's mom:  If you Google Pachacutec, click on Pachacutec Lima or Pachacutec Ventanilla.  And he’s right—wow—little tiny houses smashed together on hills with nothing but dirt and sand.  Dalton's in for an adventure!]

Love you all!

Elder Johnson

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