Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dalton - Time to Clean House

January 27, 2014

Time to Clean House

Buenos lunes [Monday], everyone.  Transfers actually came in a few minutes ago:  Elder Rubi and I are packing our bags.  Looks like it's time to send in the sisters to Pedro Beltran.  I don't find out until tomorrow, but it seems pretty likely that I'll be whitewhashed [two missionaries new to the area at the same time] into one of the Pachacutec wards, Yoshiyama.  But I guess we'll see.  The sisters, I am sure, will be happy to find the ward's new ward mission leader, and less happy to find out that the water heater still doesn’t work in that room.  

We were so close to having baptisms before leaving.  One of our families that we reactivated, the Yacila family, has one member that still hasn’t been baptized.  The only thing is his morbid fear of water.  We practiced in the font twice, and he told us just yesterday that he's ready.  You're welcome, sisters!  That family is one example of many in terms of the miracle of going to your correct ward.  They moved away from their old ward 2 years ago, but the leaders of their previous ward kept trying to activate them from a distance.  When we found them, the mom got motivated enough to quit her Sunday job, the parents are going to get married, and one of the sons, who was even consistently going to the other ward, has finally made the decision to go on a mission.  The wards are always too afraid to let go of ward members, thinking that they won’t be able to stay active anywhere else, but the Lord’s ways are higher than our ways.

We also invited our best investigator to get baptized again yesterday.  The Spirit was so strong there, and she said that of course she's getting baptized.  She then proceeded to explain that she was just packing her things to move to the other side of Lima.  You're welcome, Lima South!

It's so good to hear all of the great things you are all doing and the great missionaries you all are.  Thanks for not being super depressing either, because one of the missionaries in our zone just got a letter from his little sister, made from blue construction paper and in the shape of a tear drop.  It said, "Please come back.  Your family loves you and misses you."  She also drew two hearts crying.  I probably shouldn’t have, but I laughed right out loud.  So thanks for not doing that.  Love you all!

Elder Johnson

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