Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Davi - Because I Have My Mom

January 20, 2014

Because I Have My Mom

This week, we had one of the coolest experiences ever.  With Rosa.  We were with her, and she was having kind of a hard time. And she said that when she prayed about all of this, if Joseph Smith was a prophet, and about the Book of Mormon, and baptism, and everything, that she felt good.  But that she wants something more.  Anyway, I ended up bearing my testimony about the importance of mothers.  And how incredibly grateful I am that I have my mother.  That my whole life I have been raised in the Gospel, the true church.  That my mom read with us, and prayed with us, and taught us in every way possible that God loves us.  And how I am the person I am because of the testimony of my mother.  And so God will answer the prayer for the need of mas firmeza [more firmness], because she needs it, and her kids need it.  And so my sweet comp suggested that we could pray, with all of those questions, together.  And she did.  It was such an incredible beautiful thing.  Rosa was asking so sincerely and specifically if it all was true.  And the Spirit was so thick.  She said, “I want to be a part of Your group.  I want to follow You.  And I want to know I am following You.”  And the Sprit was testifying so hard that it was.  We were all crying, and we got up hugging each other and it was so sweet.  

In other news, in Talara, I don’t know how, but I am very well known.  And everyone calls me La Johnson. Which of course, I love.  Soy La Johnson.  Even though my comp is Hermana Gomez.  Anyway, just thought you would like that.  

Hey, love you guys.  Keep up the great work.  And tell your mom how much you love her.  She deserves it.  

La Johnson

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