Monday, January 13, 2014

Davi - Just Keep Swimming

January 6, 2014

Just Keep Swimming

There is just way too much good to even begin to talk about.  Way too much!  I really do feel like Ammon, when he’s like, could we have imagined all of this when we first got here?  No, but then, all thanks to God, it all happened!  We just did everything we could, and in the midst of us working, God made it all happen! And how blessed are we?  That we get to be a part of it?  That God blessed us to bring His love to these His kids, and see the change take place.  It’s so cool!  I feel like God, these last few weeks especially, really is blessing me after the trial of my faith.  

Like we told Hermana Judith this week (who is really being put through trials) that the secret to succeeding is doing what you know is right when you don’t feel like it. Like that quote about someone asking a pro swimmer how he went pro, and he said, I swam when I didn’t want to swim anymore. I feel like that is the secret of being a missionary, full time or not.  Do it when you don’t feel like it.  Walk in the hot sun when you feel like your feet are going to crumble like cement.  Talk to the person who looks like they are going to bite your head off and might end up kicking you back to your country.  Love someone when you feel like that’s what you are super lacking yourself.  

There is this song on the EFY CD called “It’s Glorious.”  And it says, “It’s like a symphony:  Just keep listening, and pretty soon you’ll start to figure out your part.”  I know that God rewards His children. We just have to keep going.  Keep listening to Him. Keep following Him.  Keep doing what you know is right.  And then, the sun will rise.  And you will find Robert (who tells us about every temptation that he fights in like the cutest way possible), and Rosa, and the Fam Alban Ancajima (the dad came to church this week, just because we called him, even though he does dialysis and has to work, and promised that the whole family would be there the next week; the mom was baptized ten years ago, and went inactive immediately, but now, their kids are so willing and darling, and all of them ask us for different homework), and Sigifredo (the drug addict who honestly wants to change, but just doesn’t know how, and when we explained to him what we do, and that God loves him, and that he can have a new life, he said, I would love that—seriously, honest seeker), and la Fam Farias Peña, and Niller, and sweet little Flor who is 15 and just lives with her brother and has the cutest smile ever, and Alonzo.  And then 5 families of menos activos (less actives) come to church, and all of them wave at you huge as they walk in just before the sacrament and you can’t help but wave back almost as huge with a huge smile.  And then in consejo (council meeting?), there were way too many people to fit in the little room, and our new district leader is the and will make things happen in their area of the branch too, and I have the sweetest angel of a comp.  Man, it’s just, so cool, right? God makes the coolest things happen!  I love that He loves His kids so much.  

So you know how we have that class of mission prep?  They are the coolest and I love them.  We got a new addition, and his name is Eros.  He has been a member almost ten months, and is working on his papers right now.  He turns 18 and completes one year of being a member on the same day in March, and that is his availability date.  When asked why he wants to go a mission, he said, because it’s a commandment.  Is that such a great answer or what?  He didn’t need to know anything else.  It doesn’t matter what he wanted—he knows where his loyalty lies.  He is going to be a stellar missionary.  So is my hermanito Marcos.  And Jefry. Oh, they are so great!  They all do weird secret handshakes with me, which is a great sign if you ask me. And they are helping the ward so much.

I just couldn’t feel more blessed.  I have been so happy on my mission, but this last month or so has just been incredible!  It’s hard to describe, because every day I feel like I couldn’t be happier, and then every day I get happier! Presidente Rowley (oh man, they are the best—THE BEST) asked me if I am as happy as I look, and I said, happier.  Because there’s no way for my face to show how I feel.  So thank you for praying.  You have no idea what it is doing.  You are working miracles.  Thank you.


Hermana J

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