Monday, February 10, 2014

Dalton - The four things we need

February 10, 2014

The four things we need

Well, this week has been pretty fun.  After having just read Davi's email from last week, I'm worried that it will seem pretty lame, but I really quite enjoyed myself.  A former investigator named Yasmin told a member friend last week that she had decided to get baptized, so we were going crazy to get her ready this week.  In fact, I even lost our cell phone in a three-wheeled taxi on the way to the family's house last Wednesday.  That is so like me.  Anyway, it was a great service.  And I still don’t have a phone.

Our pensionist owns a small restaurant in her house.  One day while we were eating, a family came in to eat as well.  They just seemed so nice that we started talking to them and set up an appointment.  As it turns out, the lady is a less active.  We just yesterday had an appointment with the husband, and he told us that he thinks that God has given him a second chance on his life and that he has been accepting missionaries from other religions. He told us how excited he is for this, because the missionaries from the other religions never really followed up on him.  He says that he wants to get married for real now and everything.  Finding people that the Lord has prepared is the funnest part of being a missionary.

I'm not kidding when I say that we harass families on the street.  We don't talk to too many people by themselves, but when we see a family from far away, sometimes we look at each other and start running to catch up to them.  We need families.

President Archibald just wrote us advice from Elder Grow.  He said that Elder Ballard gave him this advice when he was a mission president, and the baptisms tripled.  There are four things a mission needs to do:

1.  Open your mouths, and really let it be the Spirit that speaks to the people you find.
2.  Be experts in PMG and be a missionary of PMG.
3.  Learn the lessons so you can teach any principle in any setting.
4.  Learn to teach by the Spirit and be obedient in order to receive the Spirit.

I'm so happy to be here.  Keep up the good work over there!

Elder Johnson

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