Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Davi - The Miracle of the Bathroom

February 17, 2014

The Miracle of the Bathroom

So, hey!

Guisselle isn’t married....  whu whuuuu. [I think that’s supposed to be that trombone sound of getting an answer wrong.]  And her man has another wife and family, and she only comes every other week or so. But hey, the gospel changes lives, right?  Also, her mom hates us.  But!  Listen to this.  We had a lesson with her and her two kids and her 15-year-old nephew Fernando, and we watched half of the hour-long Joseph Smith movie.  And it was this totally beautiful lesson with testimony and yea.  Just, totally gorgeous.  And afterward, we were talking a little bit, and Fernando was just like, “I LOVED that.”  Gosh, I love that age!  (Yea Jamie, now I am saying I love your age :) )  [Private joke there—For years, every time Davi would say she dislikes kids of a certain age, it would happen to be however old Jamie was at the time.  Until now!  Yay!]  And we saw them yesterday and Fernando was asking us about the video, wanting to know if he could watch it again. haha.  He said that when we had stopped it, he was like, NO!  And when we asked why, he said, “I just… I felt like it brought me light.”  How beautiful is that?  I LOVE hearing how people describe the Spirit.

Also, another really cool thing.  There is this family who [I would like to change that to “whom,” but that would not be Davi’s style, so I’m leaving it]  I love with my WHOLE heart, members of the branch, but some aren’t active, and some not exactly living the commandments.  But they are terrific.  The fam Coronado Vinces.  And we have had some lessons with them, and it always seems to end up in us talking about temples.  Well, this week, the mom of them all, who has been a member like more than 20 years, isn’t endowed but is worthy to go.  She’s just been scared.  Well, last night, she said, “I am setting a date to go to the temple.”  AAHHH!!!  I think I scared them with my yelp of excitement.  How cool is that???!!!  

Haha Dalt just told me that he doesn’t have a phone… not that he lost it or anything.  That’s so funny.  I love that kid.  Also, just so everyone knows, I found his wife.  Looks like I have got all my siblings covered.  You’re welcome!

I literally can’t remember anything else from my week.  I have been pretty sick again, but it always seems like when I need a bathroom, there happens to be one magically.  So that’s a huge blessing, because we can work normally. And we get Jell-o and stuff when we go into a member’s house and have to ask to use one.  And this is the only way I don’t eat, so I am losing weight again.  There are a lot of perks.

I just, I really know God is real. More, I know His love is real.  I KNOW it.  Sometimes I put myself in positions where I don’t feel it, but I know it.  I feel like that is testimony.  Knowing when you are being stupid and for one reason or another not feeling it.  But, I am 10 all the time.  [Don’t worry—explanation follows.]  My old comp called me (she had permission from the Pres) and told me, “I understand what you meant when you said 10.  (One time I was explaining in a lesson that the times when we feel His love most, those are “10” moments.  And we know He loves us.  But then, other times, we only feel like 4.  But does that mean he only loves us 4?  No.  He always loves us even more than the 10 we feel on great days. )  Isn’t that great?  He loves us more than 10, y’all.  I know He does.  

Love you!  Keep up the great work!
Hermana J

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  1. La queremos mucho y la extrañamos tambien como me huviera gustado que este anstes de ayer aca eso por algunas ohoras pero no se pudo el domingo sera ahun mas hermosoo ojala pudiera estar seria mucho <3 <3 la queremos mucho mucho mucho