Thursday, February 6, 2014

Davi - Angels in Babylon

February 3, 2014

Angels in Babylon   

{Confession:  Davi didn’t title this email, so her Mom had to come up with one.]

Ok, I have a miraculous story for you all.  It is that of Guiselle.  So, we were walking to our back-up plan when a menos activo that we had an appointment with wasn’t there, and we walked by this lady holding a baby.  I didn’t really notice her at first, because I was blathering on about something unimportant to my comp, and my comp stopped, and we went back to talk to her.  She looked familiar, and as we talked, she told me that she had been looking for me.  And I was like, huh?  I had met her before, like a month ago, in a combi [must be slang, because Google Translate didn’t have it, but it’s apparently some mode of transportation], and we talked for about two minutes about her children, and then she really abruptly got off, and we couldn’t get her info of anything.  That happens all the time, so yea.  

But anyway, she told me that she had been looking for me ever since.  That she looked for me in Facebook, como Hermana Johnson, and that she told all of her family and friends about me, and asked them if they knew me.  And I was like, why?  And she said, “You are an angel.  I know you are.  I was sad that day, and just talking to you for those few minutes, I felt better.  And I felt something.  And I know you had something, and I wanted it again, so I have been looking for you.”   So we told her about how God speaks to us today, not just in the past, and gives us direction on how we can have a happy family, and she was like, YES!  and just was so excited.  I felt the Spirit super strong just talking to her, not even just when I was testifying. Just conversation.  She is a rock star.  And then we came back the next day, and she had read the pamphlet multiple times, and had questions, and told us she had been waiting for us her whole life.  And her kids too.  And she was all ready to come to church, but the person who was supposed to go pick her up didn’t, and she was just waiting at her house because she didn’t know how to get to the church.  Super heartbreaking, but hey.  Next week is conference.  So maybe that’s why. Anyway, we are so blessed.

Something she said when we first came back to her was, “I was scared you weren’t going to stop and talk to me.”  That has been ringing in my head ever since.  How many people feel like that?  

I want to tell you about all of these people but there just isn’t time!  Like José Francisco, a menos activo de two years who I have never really gotten a hold of before.  Anyway, I was like, so what happened? And he was like, oh personal things.  And I was like, girls are the worst, aren’t they?  And he proceeded to tell me and my member comp why he quit going to church.  King Lamoni moment.  And then, we were reading in Mosiah 27, and I started reading 14, and I was confused as to why, and then explained that we had been praying for him and are right now fasting for him, and that a bunch of members ask about him, even though it has been two years.  And he started half crying (the Latin man tough cry that isn’t really a cry) and told us that he had been going to a different church, but didn’t feel like it that morning.  So he prayed to God, because he felt so confused about what to do, and his life, and he said, and to hear that you and Hermana Gomez are fasting for me, I don’t think there is a clearer answer than that.  He is going to come back :)  

I really was having a hard time recently, in all honesty, and in a bus on an intercamio, and then we ended up getting stuck in the Babylon of my mission where there aren’t missionaries because everyone is a nudist.  Anyway, our mission mom told us to go to the beach and do our studies.  It was incredible what a short study on a beach and talking to people who have never seen missionaries can do for your system. Everything has turned up from there.  It really is cool how God gives us so much.  Just, everything that we need.  Even if sometimes that is getting stuck in Babylon.  God just takes really great care of me.  I love Him so much.  And I am desperate that all His kids get back, because I don’t think I could handle seeing Him cry.  

It sounds like you are all doing amazing things.  Remember, like two minutes con Guiselle, you don’t know the good you are doing.  Keep it up!!!  

Love you!!
Hermana J

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  1. She IS an angel. She has always had a way of lifting others, especially the downtrodden, and helping them to feel the love of God. What an amazing missionary she is. But we all knew she would be.