Monday, February 10, 2014

Davi - Some things never change... but some do!

February 10, 2014

Some things never change… but some do!

Still in Talara. Don’t worry, even though la Mavis (our member bestie) had a dream that I was going to leave too. And my companion is not named hna Gomez again, but yes, is another Guatemalteca [female Guatemalan]. She is itsy bitsy tiny, but a little powerhouse.  She has one cambio [transfer] more than me, and is totally on it. We had an intercambio [exchange] together last transfer, so it is fun that we are comps for real now.

We had district conference yesterday.  It was incredibly beautiful.  I LOVE my mission President!  Like, more than I ever thought was possible to.  And his wife, who reminds me of my mommy, because she is straight up and laughs at some of the weird culture things instead of trying to think it’s normal, just like my mom would. Anyway, it was so great. The Spirit was so incredibly strong.  These converts all bore their testimonies, and President and Hermana spoke, and it was so beautiful.  

We were a part of this weird choir, being led by this guy from Chiclayo who thought that missionaries had time for practices to learn how we should be breathing.  Yea, no way, bud.  But anyway, we went up to the front (me and my comp without going to the practices ha....  some things never change), and we got to see Guiselle there, with her three kids (Siomara 16 and Christopher 13 and Natalie the fattest 6-month-old ever).  Guiselle said she loved hearing the testimonies, and that she would be up there giving hers soon.  President wanted to meet them, and they did.  I love that, because though God is for all of us, he really is involved in our lives, and wants to be a part of them.  We had a lesson with them after, and they said they felt something that they hadn’t at any other church.  That they want to keep coming.  They are planning on being baptized March 15th, so please pray for them.  When we invited with a date, and they all said yes confidently, it was so cool.  Like, really, if I came on my mission just for her, it’s ok.  For them.  I would have still done it.  Guiselle, we asked her how she felt, and she was like, first, excited! That’s the first feeling I feel.  ha ahhh!  How sweet is she! 

And Gina and her boy Roel were there too, and fingers crossed Gina will be able to get married and that Edgar and Gina and Roel will all be able to get baptized together this month when Edgar gets back from the sea job. And please pray for Rosa and Robert, who need the courage to make it to their dates too. And everyone in Bello Horizonte y Talara Alta.

Thank you so much for your prayers.  I love you.  They mean so much to me.  I know this Gospel is true.  I really do.  It is what keeps me going when I have given everything and feel like there’s nothing left.  The Gospel will always be left.  And Christ never runs out.  And He wants us all to take from what He has. Thank you, my dear loved ones, for teaching me that.  I love you.

Hermana J

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