Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Dalton - I'm All Out of Subject Lines

February 17, 2014

I'm All Out of Subject Lines

Hey, everyone.

I guess I should tell you more about what Paramonga is like.  It's actually an industrial town, with a giant sugar factory and sugar fields.  That's why the town actually does pretty well, even though it's a small town outside of Lima.  Our branch mission leader is named Julio, who has just the slightest mental handicap, but is just the best and is honestly willing to accompany us all day.

Elder Peña is really helping me with my Spanish, because he was studying translation before his mission. He corrects me all the time on my accent, because I have just gotten so lazy on that.

This branch is just so close to becoming a ward.  I just can’t stop thinking about it.  That's what motivates us to talk to every family we see on the street, even though we are practicing the whole "act natural" thing.  It's just such a strange thing.  It's such a perfect circumstance that we just can't resist.

I think I already told you about the couple we found last week while we were in our pensionist’s restaurant. They are Amado and Giovanna, and they are really progressing.  Giovanna is the less active, but it's Amado that's really pumped to learn about everything.  They have a five-year-old named Ronaldo, and he is a hilarious nightmare.

I was fasting for a miracle on Saturday.  We had some disappointments, and I felt like it was continuing during the fast, especially because we thought that Giovanna and Amado weren't going to show up to church.  Then, during the third hour, they showed up!  The class was on strengthening the family, they felt welcome there, and Ronaldo even liked his class.  I realized that my fast had been answered when I looked at Amado after the meeting.  He was looking at the book that Ronaldo had colored, looked at how his hyperactive boy was enjoying himself, and he smiled as though he saw something magic.  That was enough for me.

Love you all!  Keep up the good work!

Elder Johnson

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