Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Davi - The Parable of the Broken Foot

February 24, 2014

The Parable of the Broken Foot

I have learned so much this week, it’s incredible.  The lesson I feel like I have learned is that of repentance. What it feels like, the process, why we should do it, everything.  The scripture in 3 Nefi 9:13 makes so much sense to me now.  I felt like I needed healing, and not because of some horrible sin I had committed, but I just felt like I needed healing in general, from the pains that come in this life to help us understand things better.  It’s like your foot got run over by a car.  Not self-inflicted, but doesn’t matter, you have to get better.  So do you say, “But I didn’t do this, so I refuse to go to a doctor”?  Not going to Christ for healing of things that aren’t what we think of as sins, is like not going to a doctor when we have an injury that wasn’t self-inflicted.  It doesn’t make any sense. Whatever it was that happened, we have to get better.  And yea, we might have to do some things differently to get better, but that’s the point, isn’t it?  That you get better, not what caused it.  So, we have to repent.  All the time.  We have to ask how to be healed, we have to go to Christ with what we have and get better.

We waved to this old lady a few times—I think I touched her arm as I walked by—and as it turns out, it is the mom of a member.  The member told me that she has fiercely rejected the missionaries for years, but that she asked him about us, because she liked our way of being.  How great is that?  To the shock of everyone, she let us in, and we had a lesson with her.  The jaws of her 12 children literally dropped as she smiled at us and invited us for lunch.  Cool what friendliness does, right?

Guisselle is doing great.  Tuesday we had the chastity lesson with her, and she said, “What do I do?” And we said, “We don’t know.  But you are holding God’s advice in your hands.  Ask Him, and read it.”  We went by the next day, and she very happily told us that she is dumping him, because it is what God wants her to do.  I love that woman.  They all came to church this week, and talk about their baptism all the time.

[I told Davi about a recent convert here in our stake who has become a member of our family, and here is what Davi said:]  Veronica sounds incredible.  I cannot wait to meet her :)  Tell her I love her please.  And am honestly so impressed that she gets the temple like that, because that means she is a spiritual being who understood the plan before, and is just remembering it now.  Tell her that when I am out at BYU that she will need to come visit me to do baptisms with me in Salt Lake, and so she can see the lights at Christmas.   

I am just so happy.  I am convinced more and more, that really, we can’t do anything right if we don’t understand that God is our daddy, and he loves us.  As my daddy on earth told me this week, he can hardly talk about me without crying because he loves me so much and is so proud of me.  Can you imagine how much more my Heavenly Father feels about me?  Anyway, I love being loved by Him.  He loves you too :) remember it.

Hermana J

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