Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dia de la Papa

June 16, 2014

Dia de la Papa

HAPPY DIA DE LA PAPA!!!  Haha jk, that’s later this month, on Grantie’s bday actually!!  

Happy Fathers Day, Daddy!!!  I have been talking about you to everyone.  I feel like I have the knowledge of Heavenly Father’s love because of my Daddy.  So I try to share you with everyone, but sometimes it makes people jealous.  I don’t blame them.  But I couldn’t hold it back on Father’s Day.  I gave a talk in sacrament meeting, my last one in Ramon Castilla, and it was all about that.  Shared a few stories, one about when you cleaned my feet woundies out, and everyone was bawling.  Aww.  Anyway, you are the best.  I cry every time I talk about you.  Nasty habit.  But I like it, because it means I’m a little bit like you :) My long-term goal is to be a lot like you.  Love you, Daddy.

So yea, leaving Ramon Castilla.  Again, I just feel too peaceful to be sad.  Though I loved that place. They are just the coolest.  I got really close to them really quickly.  And just recently, all the menos activos we were working with have started getting involved in the work, and wanting to bring others to church, which made the members want to too.  It’s so cool!!  How waking up to the work of the Lord is the best kind of waking up.  Even better than waking up at 6:30, though no mucho.  

Went to Lima this week.  It was so fun.  Found  a bunch of people who know Daltie, and we had our Daltie eyes out the whole time.  Went with my friendie, Hna Finlinson, who is the Kathy to my Jody.  Just try to imagine it. And the sun wasn’t out, and we took hot showers.  It was beautiful.  But glad to be back in my mission :)

Something I wrote to President about my last few transfers and the assignment I was given by him:  Did I realize a lot of weaknesses on the way?  Yes.  Did I have to work on weaknesses I already knew were there?  Also, yes. But something I know is that the Atonement covers all.  It makes our weaknesses ok.  It makes our mistakes not the end of our world, nor the world of those around us.  It makes it so once selfish actions from another (in this case, mine) work together for the good of another somehow, instead of destroying all hope.  It literally just makes everything ok.  How grateful I am for it.  And so I will be forever.  What a demonstration of love.  Hopefully I can emulate it someday.  Because in the process of becoming more like Christ, unfortunately we have to realize how unChristlike we are.  But even then, it’s not the end of the world either.  BECAUSE of Christ.

Hey, love you all.  Be good.
Hna Johnson

PS - Oh yea!  I am with Hna Maidana de Argentina in Michaela Vastilla that is a little out of Piura, but still within Tottus distance.  [I gathered from Google that Tottus is a chain of supermarkets.]  Way stoked!  It looks like an awesome area, and a great time to be with my comp.

[All of these photos of Davi were sent by Marianne Rivera (gracias, Marianne!)--along with very sweet messages of how much they will miss her--when Davi found out she was being transferred:]

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