Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Have We Got the Show for You!

June 23, 2014

Have We Got the Show for You!

This place, Micaela Bastidas, is awesome.  The humblest of all my areas, but so great.  There are investigators who are learning how to read by reading the Book of Mormon.  Miracles, for real.  And I totally love my comp, Hna Maidana de Argentina.  She is fun and a go-getter and confidently unsensitive, and loves to eat.  Most of all, loves God.  Don’t know what more I could ask for.  We are loving our time here together.  Ready to tear things up.  We are praying really hard to have families that want to be baptized and go to the temple and be eternal families.  We have a ton of fun chasing fathers down and scaring people with our friendliness, haha.  

It’s a great time—found a family this week.  So awesome they are.  We talked to the dad because he was dropping his kids off for school, and we may or may not have followed him home because he recently moved there and didn’t know the address.  Get this:  they were just married in February.  We came the next day, the dad had read the first half of the folleto [brochure], and he even turned off the World Cup when we went in the house. That, seriously, is nuts.  I don't think most Americans realize how unusual that is, and how huge that was for us.  And when he was explaining that his kids didn’t get home til later, he was like, it’s the worst.  All I want is more time with everyone together.  We were like, oh dear sweet man.  Have we got the show for you.

Fun story.  Normal shower time, all good and lathered up--shampoo, soap and everything--and the water turns off. We don’t have water stored here like in Talara and Castilla, ‘cause I guess that never happens here.  But that’s fine.  So, my comp brought me the filtered water that we drink.  I’m sure hash tags aren’t still a thing, but in case they are #bathedwithnotfreezingfilteredwater  #ithinkthatmakesmetheprincessofpiura

Also, Karmen got baptized this week.  Fotos next week.  Her son is in the mission and her family was waiting for her to get baptized.  They are all going to get sealed when he gets back.  Love the beauty of this gospel.  

Really, I just am so grateful.  I am remembering how hard Heavenly Father loves me.  He was telling me last Monday that He was LETTING me go to that area and be with my comp, and I know He wasn’t kidding.  He loves me.  And so, He loves you.  Not because of merit, but because of identity.  

Love you guys.  Stay sweet.

Hermana J

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