Tuesday, June 24, 2014


June 23, 2014


Hey, I have some good news:  I got my clothes fixed!  I only procrastinated a year to get it done, but I look a lot younger and more gorgeous.  In fact, a member asked me yesterday if I was 18!  I wanted to cry and wipe away my tears with Spencer's hand-me-down tie.  It was the clothes!  People don't tell me I look 40 anymore!

The Lord really takes care of us, even though I feel like we don’t deserve it sometimes.  Sandra, an eternal investigator, told us this week that she wants to get baptized on July 13th.  On Sunday, we were ending the week with just about nothing.  Then the ward told us that there is an activating family in the ward that wants the daughter to get baptized.  Her name is Nayeli, and not Nayeli from The District 2, if that's what you're all wondering.  [I couldn’t figure that one out, but fortunately Spencer knew exactly what Dalton was talking about:  It’s a reference to the Preach My Gospel videos, called The District.  Thank you, Spence!]

There is nothing in the whole world that is sweeter than seeing a convert become stronger and stronger, as well as happier and happier.  I will never forget the Astete family.  A baptism is nice, but I’ve noticed that true joy is experienced afterwards.  Serving a mission is great.  There are a lot of hard moments, but only a joyful mission. It’s crazy that that's the way it is, but it's true.  

I love you all!  Make good choices!

Elder Johnson

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