Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Master Artist

June 9, 2014

The Master Artist

So, I love Castilla.  What a darling little place.  

Juan got confirmed yesterday.  He came in a white shirt and tie, and gave the opening prayer in the meeting.  He just is becoming this Priesthood man.  The progress is incredible.  He just talks about how much happier he is.  And that he’s found purpose and real life. 

Consejo de barrio [ward council] was so cool.  We have a lot higher goals, so everyone was so excited!  They were like, ok, we need to do this then.  We all have to share in that number of people coming to sacrament meeting.  So they all put goals!  I love them.  

I love being a missionary!  

Some things I have been learning:  That faith is just doing it anyway.  Also, an analogy:  God is our creator, right?  So, let’s think of it like He is a sculptor.  When someone sees a sculpture, and says something bad about it, does it affect the sculpture, or is it a reflection on the sculptor?  The sculptor, of course.  So if we are ever thinking bad things about ourselves either, about who we are, we are dissing the sculptor.  Also, the sculpture, if really awesome, also is just a reflection of the sculptor.  Things I am trying to put into practice.

Sorry, I have to use this time to make a flyer to invite everyone to church.  Love you!!!!!!!!!

Hermana J

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