Thursday, June 12, 2014

Street Soy Milk, Anyone?

June 2, 2014

Street Soy Milk, Anyone?

Well, if anyone is wondering why I put that as this week's title, let me explain right now that my companion got horribly sick this past week.  Lesson learned!  When I say sick, I actually mean in the room and only leaving for appointments kind of sick.  Elder Johnson read a lot of Jesus the Christ this week.  Great book.

Jorge Astete got the priesthood on Sunday, and we are preparing him so he can get the Melchizedek Priesthood in June.  I am so excited for that!  I have never gotten to see a convert get the higher priesthood.  Seeing them just makes me happy.  I can see it Jorge's face:  He is happier, and the whole family seems to simply be doing better.  No more fighting between spouses, and even little Cristofer is getting used to church meetings.  If you don't take the time to think about it, you almost miss it.  We were permitted, and are permitted, to take part in the salvation of human souls.

Next challenge:  Elna Risco.  Carlos, her husband, is all ready, and we could, in theory, baptize him first, since he is the head of the family, but she might never do it if Carlos gets baptized without her.  They both passed their baptismal interviews on Saturday, but it seems like she's afraid of what her family will say. We are doing with them what we did with Jorge:  the last part of chapter 11 in PMG says to pass by every single day to make sure that they are following through with the Book of Mormon, etc.  If you can't pass by, then you give a phone call. We are out of phone credit, so we choose the first this week.  They are worth it.  Please pray for Elna.  She is so close.

Anyway, if you know anyone that lives by the Tottus by Canta Callao that would be interested, let us know.  We need to find some extra new investigators before the y2k known as the World Cup.  Just kidding.  Love you all and make good choices!

Elder Johnson

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