Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Little Chiste [joke] to Start Off

September 22, 2014

-Una vez fui a un restaurante que solo vendia segundos.  Este lugar no tenia mucho exito.  Toda la gente solo se quedaba afuera.  Y por que?  [One time there was a restaurant that only sold seconds.  They didn’t have much success.  All of the people waited outside.  And why?]
--Porque no habia entrada!  [Because there wasn’t an entrance/entrée.]
It seems to be a good hit here.  Thank you, language study.

Well, hello, family!  We had a pretty good week here.  We knocked a lot of doors, found a lot of people...and, of yeah, remember Jean, the dentist that has been an investigator for a long time?  He's a member now!  I know that I didn't bring any evidence with me to prove that he actually got baptized, but I think you can all trust me on this one.  He is really a great guy that EVERYONE thought was already was a member.  Seriously.  We were making phone calls to tell everyone about his baptism after he passed the interview, and they almost always said, "Wait, that guy’s not a member?"  Well, give him two days and he will be.  He was the type to wear suits to church even before getting baptized, so I guess he was able to slip under the radar.

We are looking hard to find other people in the area.  Our area is actually the smallest I've ever had on my mission, so it's given me the opportunity to work differently now.  One day after planning, while I was on my bed preparing to do my pre-10:30 power nap, I asked my companion, "Elder Feller, where are the families we are going to baptize?"  After pausing, he said, "Mercurio."  I said the same.  In the course of this week, we have decided to essentially never work anywhere else.  Honestly, we are obsessed with that place.  It was a bit strange, because on Saturday, after tracting, one man let us in, who we later realized was the uncle of another man we had taught a week before.  We are seeing that things are starting to come together over there.

And, a less active family we were teaching came to church, to our surprise.  I had the husband talk to the bishop and now he has a plan to baptize his son in November!  So please pray for the Rojas family.

Love you all!

Elder Johnson

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